Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tag: Ipswich

Ipswich punter takes the piss, literally

Palace-Amusements-Ipswich, legal
An Ipswich man has been fined and ordered to pay for cleaning a fruit machine which he drunkenly used as a urinal. The early hours of October 12 saw Robert Comerford stumble into Palace Amusements on Upper Brook Street and unload a skinful onto one of the games machines. When challenged by staff who demanded he cease the liquid desecration, Comerford...

Suffolk pub claims to be first to go cashless

Cashless Society
The operator of The Boot in Freston, near Ipswich has claimed to be the first in the country to go completely cashless. Whilst the growth of card and contactless payments has been undeniable in recent years it did appear that the pub sector was loth to go all in on the form. This news coming out of Suffolk however may signal...

New Ipswich FEC lines up to bowl a strike

Coinslot - Ipswich
With a new site opening in Ipswich later this year, Superbowl UK director Paul Quaintance talks about the growing trend towards more active game play and the importance of taking advantage of “dwelling time.”   Superbowl UK is opening a new entertainment centre in Ipswich this September. Located at Buttermarket shopping centre, the 25,000-square foot unit is seeing more than £1.8m...