Saturday, November 27, 2021

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Electrocoin to debut Skill Shooter and Godzilla pinball among diverse ACOS showcase

Electrocoin Skill Shooter ACOS debut
Skill Shooter and Stern Pinball’s Godzilla will both have their UK debuts at Electrocoin’s Autumn Coin Op Show stand this week..

Electrocoin announces Led Zeppelin pinball among its 2021 launches

Electrocoin Led Zepplin pinball and ball paradise
Electrocoin has announced a host of exciting products and new developments of existing successful lines for the single site, AGC’s and FEC sectors.

Electrocoin: ‘The market will continue to grow’

John A Stergides Electrocoin
Electrocoin has championed the redemption market since its inception, and as we head into the 2020 season it shows little sign of slowing, comments, John A Stergides

Skill games and pinball boost Electrocoin into 2020

Electrocoin skill games pinball 2020
While Electrocoin has hit the ground running this decade after a strong performance from skill games and pinball over the last twelve months, the..

Cashless Payments: The way forward

Electrocoin Intercard Cashless Payment solution
The Intercard solution, officially distributed in the UK by Electrocoin, offers operators the way forward when it comes to cashless payments.

Gabi Stergides: The key to cashless? Promotions on plastic

Gabi Stergides Cashless Payment trend Intercard
Electrocoin’s Gabi Stergides backs British FECs to quickly catch up to the global cashless trend, hailing 2020 as “the year of plastic”

Intercard takes Mumbles Pier marketing to the next level

Mumbles Pier
Almost a year after implementing Intercard on Mumbles Pier, operator Bertie Bollom explains how the cashless system has empowered promotions in the attraction’s arcade - all while still accepting coins. Mumbles Pier has upped its marketing power through the use of Intercard, a cashless stored value card system that has enabled operator Bertie Bollom to offer bespoke promotions to the...