Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Tag: Insurance

Business-owners take on stingy Covid-19 insurers

QIC Action Group call for support
They were insured for business interruption in the case of disease, but received not a penny from their insurance company. Now the QIC Action Group is calling on fellow leisure and hospitality businesses to step up and claim what’s rightfully theirs.

Countering Coronavirus: The trade body way

Parliament sunset trade association members coronavirus
It’s been a busy time for trade associations who have been keeping their members updated and represented on the Coronavirus. Bacta has been tackling the issues with energy, the body’s latest update to the industry outlines a measure of its current activity over just a few days this week.

Protect the arcade this summer: An insurance guide

Coinslot - David Still insurance
Specialist leisure insurance broker Lycetts has emphasised the need to protect arcades over what is looking to be a bumper summer season.   Hundreds of thousands of Britons are expected to choose staycations over holidaying on the continent this summer - but a boost in footfall can harbour problems for arcade owners. Indeed, an arcade insurance specialist has emphasised that a soar...

Gambling with life and death through the ages

Coinslot - BBC gambling insurance media watch
This week, the BBC are asking a very interesting question: why is there a perceived moral difference between gambling and insurance?   According to BBC reporter, Tim Hardford: “Almost a decade ago, I tried to place a bet with a leading UK betting shop that I would die within a year. They should have taken the bet - I am still...

UK operators face pier pressure following Doris

Coinslot - Pressure storm Doris UK pier
As the country is recovering from the pressure of this weekend’s storms many pier owners are facing a hit to insurance premiums through no fault of their own. It may be time for the Government step in to preserve our coastal heritage, says Tom Rush.   The piers that adorn the coast of the UK are a quintessential part of the...