Saturday, November 27, 2021

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Confidence in the economy slides as inflation fears mount, according to IoD survey

Business confidence economy inflation fears mount IoD survey
Rising wages, rising costs and rising inflation are informing the latest IoD economic sentiment survey but the good news is the rate of decline is steadying.

Inflation fears rise sharply as confidence in Bank of England falls to 22-year low

Bank of England inflation fears rise
For business sectors that are not allowed to share increased costs with their customers, rising inflation comes directly off the bottom line.

Off the Record: Hanging Hancock out to dry

off the record Matt Hancock inflation staff
OTR delves into the shark bowl that’s Conservative party politics, explains why inflation represents such a threat to our industry and why it took 45-minutes to just get a pint in a pub.

Opposing change? The price impact of removing the penny

Bank of England
In the Bank of England blog site Bank Underground, BoE analysts Marilena Angeli and Jack Meaning explain how removing the 1p and 2p coins would impact inflation. Would removing the 1p and 2p coins from circulation cause inflation? Or deflation? Or neither? Our analysis, and the over-whelming weight of literature and experience, suggests it would have no significant impact on...