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CBI suggests a ‘A New Approach to Migration’

Following the Home Affairs Committee’s report on migration at the end of last month, the Confederation of British Industry has published its own view, titled ‘Open and Controlled - A New Approach to Migration’, calling for a smart replacement to the unpopular freedom of movement immigration policy. British businesses want to see a new approach to migration that remains open...

Policy options for future migration from the European Economic Area

Houses of Parliament
In the summary of an interim report “published to inform Parliament and the public about the limited statements so far from the Government on future migration policy”, the Home Affairs Committee - chaired by Yvette Cooper MP - suggests the UK needs “a good overall deal” with the EU. With eight months to go until the United Kingdom leaves the...

May moves to bring peace of mind and stability for EU workers

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  Across the tourism attraction and pub sector, businesses welcomed the certainty provided by Theresa May’s open letter that EU employees can stay in the UK post-Brexit.   After waiting more than a year for official “unconditional confirmation” that EU workers will be allowed to stay in the UK post-Brexit, the tourism attraction and public sectors - both employing a significant percentage...

Hospitality warns against leaked post-Brexit immigration proposals

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While a Migration Advisory Committee investigates the role of EU workers in post-Brexit Britain, an 86 page document proposing an “end to free movement in its current form” has leaked from the Home Office - much to the hospitality industry’s dismay.   Hospitality trade chiefs have warned that if leaked proposals detailing an “end to freedom of movement” and the introduction...

BALPPA and BHA warn immigration controls could hit seaside sector

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The leisure and hospitality industry are gravely concerned at the employment prospects of a Brexit Britain. With such a strong support from overseas workers, the sectors fear that costs will have to rise if EU nationals can no longer able to freely work in British businesses.   BALPPA and the British Hospitality Association have warned that tighter immigration controls could damage...

Arcade operators lukewarm to employment concerns in BHA report

Coinslot - BHA report employment concerns
As small businesses, arcades are used to operating within tight margins and remain unfazed by predictions from the BHA about a UK staffing shortfall if immigration from the European Union is too tightly controlled.   The British Hospitality Association (BHA) has warned the hospitality sector faces a shortfall of 60,000 workers a year if immigration from the European Union is too...