Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tag: IHL Tech

FEC operators turn to SmartHUB to record customer interactions for updated LCCP

Blackpool SmartHUB Seaside FEC
As well as being the industry’s leading self-exclusion solution, IHL Tech’s SmartHUB is being utilised by FEC operators as an affordable and easy to use...

IHL Tech’s SmartHUB registers a full house with the Bingo Association

IHL Tech has partnered with the Bingo Association to provide its SmartHUB suite of solutions to all of the trade body’s members, with BA CEO Miles Baron explaining why the Association chose SmartEXCLUSION as its self-exclusion solution.

SmartEXCLUSION celebrates 12-months of success

Coinslot - IHL Tech - SmartEXCLUSION App
It’s very nearly a year since IHL Tech launched SmartEXCLUSION and what a year it’s been, helping close to 2,500 self-excluders find the support they need. CTO, Paul Harris, reviews the year and previews some important new initiatives that will come on stream during 2017. In the 12-months following its launch, SmartEXCLUSION been able to help almost 2,500 self-excluders to gain much...