Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Tag: iGaming

Bringing fresh Eyre in a Storm

Storm, Tony Eyre
The current advertisement from Storm Gaming Technology contains the line, “Not all Storms disrupt your life, some clear your path”. Such is the vibe surrounding the November appointment of Tony Eyre as chief operating officer. In Tony, Storm has appointed a man with a track record of deciding what needs doing, organising resources and getting the job done. When...

Analysis: Slots steady, but rise in online gaming continues

online gaming casino
From a survey of 4,000 people asked quarterly about their past four week gambling activities, the Gambling Commission has released its annual participation statistics showing stability in slot machine players, but big changes from the bingo audience.   Gambling participation on fruit or slot machines in pubs remained relatively stable in 2017, with activity in “arcades” up 0.2 percent to 2.2...

Ether: the new coin on the block

Coinslot Ether cryptocurrency
It’s not only the banks who are forging new cryptocurrencies in a bid to rival Bitcoin’s dominance. A new digital money, Ether, has slowly been gaining traction in cyberspace over the past 12 months before undergoing a dramatic appreciation in July, as investors recognise its enhanced applicability. Like Bitcoin, Ether is merely the internal currency manifestation of the blockchain technology...

Total iGaming spend could reach $1trn by 2021, say analysts

Coinslot Juniper iGaming
Juniper Research, specialists in data forecasting for mobile and digital markets, projects mobile and online gaming wagers to almost double in five years.   Analysts at Juniper Research have caused a stir among industry execs this month with the publication of an extensive white paper mapping the growth of online gaming over the next half decade. While the direction of travel is unlikely to...