Tuesday, June 28, 2022


Irish sign up for Europe

Ireland euromat
The Irish Amusement Trades Association (IATA) has returned to the Euromat fold. The Irish trade body has rejoined the European association as part of its efforts to ramp up a national campaign for new gambling laws in Ireland. John Roche, general secretary of IATA, said: “It is essential for us that we have an ability to connect with and learn...

The Regulatory “Wild West”: Irish ministers bicker while industry makes-do

Ireland Fobt
For four decades, Ireland’s gaming and amusements trade association have lobbied successive governments to update the country’s archaic legislation. For four decades, Irish ministers have left the gambling industry to develop into a regulatory “Wild West” - forcing operators to make the best of a bad situation. And yet, still no solution. Despite being told for over forty years that...

IATA: Resolute for comprehensive regulation

Coinslot UDC Joshua Hurst Ireland trade regulation iata
With gambling regulation unmoved since the last Irish Gaming Show - and indeed long before, the Irish Amusement Trades Association (IATA) has taken its case beyond national government to the European Union, where the association is determined to drive real change to the long-outdated prosiding legislation.   The Irish Amusement Trades Association is “determined” to push its government towards comprehensive gambling...

Cloud of confusion hangs over update to Irish gambling regulation

Coinslot John Roche Irish gaming
The obfuscated process of updating Ireland’s outmoded 1956 gaming act remains just that. The questions of what, how, when and worse still - if - remains. Why is Ireland finding it so difficult to sort itself out? The long-awaited update to what can only be described as  “archaic” Irish gaming legislation has been invigorated this week with mixed comments leaking...