Saturday, January 22, 2022

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Staycation 2022 keeps spirits alive for the industry

Ian Eason Instance Automatics
Ian Eason is letting go of 2021 - it’s onwards and upwards as far as the Instance Automatics boss is concerned. “We have no choice,” he says, cognisant of the hurdles that supply chain and rising energy prices have caused. But then, it is Christmas and he’s ever hopeful of a festive party invite from No 10 Downing Street. “I like to surround myself with Bell*nds!!” Enough said!

Instance “very optimistic about the future” as ACOS delivers

Instance Automatics stand ACOS 2021
Following an “upbeat” appearance at ACOS, Instance Automatics MD Ian Eason has predicted a positive year ahead, noting that “the future is now looking much better” as the impact of the pandemic recedes.

Instance Automatics launches “simple” cashless installation kit

Instance Contactless installation conversion kit
Instance Automatics have launched a “full, simple installation kit to convert most machines to contactless payment”.

Crunchie time: Rising costs of consumables threaten profit share balance on vending machines

Ian Eason Instance Automatics vending vend prices
It’s far from a perfect storm, but the supply chain is certainly facing one. Increasing costs are on the way and that means a rise in vending machine product prices. That in turn will mean an increase in vend prices for consumers, and you get the picture. Ian Eason thinks more £2 coins will provide a viable solution - but that, it seems, is easier said than done.

Freedom day delay: Ian Eason / Louise Austin / Leigh Smith / Toby Hoyte

Freedom Day delay Ian Eason Louise Austin Leigh Smith Toby Hoyte
Ian Eason: “Another kick in the balls for the supply chain”

There’s no Delta dawn for industry as lockdown easing is delayed

Boris Johnson lockdown easing delayed
“Another kick in the balls” is how machine supplier Ian Eason described Boris Johnson’s decision to move ‘freedom day’ on to July 19.

Clacton Pier lit up as seaside shines

Clacton Pier lit up as seaside shines
As Clacton Pier marked bank holiday with its first firework display of the season, seaside resorts up and down the country welcomed back visitors making the most of the sun.

Instance denied discretionary grant due to “first come, first served” policy

Ian Eason Instance Automatics
The notion that the government is doing whatever it takes is failing under scrutiny. The government has indeed been throwing money at the local authorities, but they seem to be showing little if any judgement in dispersing it. That is the Instance Automatics experience.

More money in the bank spells increased demand for leisure and tourism

Leisure Tourism spend
UK saving account balances are at an all time high with more set to be spent on leisure and tourism than in pre-pandemic years, according to notes from a recent Bacta meeting with an investment bank.

Industry backs Eason against unlicensed dealers, but still not a peep from GamCom

Industry backs Eason against unlicensed dealers
After calling out the Gambling Commission in last week’s Coinslot for ignoring flagrant cases of unlicensed machine sales, Instance Automatic’s Ian Eason has received a backing from licenced sellers, a backlash from the black market, and a big fat nothing from a regulator that appears to have turned its back on the problem

No ‘fooks’ given: Eason lays in to Gambling Commission on regulatory inaction

Ian Eason Instance Automatics Gambling Commission licence
Instance Automatics director Ian Eason has called out the regulator for sitting idle on black-market dealers - whilst simultaneously stonewalling legitimate licensees.

Suppliers are being let down by gaps in government’s support funding, says Eason

Ian Eason Instance Automatics supply chain
Instance Automatic’s Ian Eason says that leisure supply businesses are still failing to attain adequate relief funding from government - despite being robbed of almost any prospect of revenue. Things need to change - and quickly.

Loss of Cat D necessary and sustainable for an industry set for reshape, says Eason

Ian Eason Instance Automatics Cat D
The no-nonsense Lincolnshire supplier has praised Bacta’s self-imposed ban on under-18 Cat D play within FECs, arguing it shows amusements squarely in the camp of entertainment and not gambling. Ian Eason believes this is an issue the industry has needed to resolve for some time.

Eason appears online at UNIS 2020 Showcase

Ian Eason Instance Automatics UNIS 2020 online
With a long and fruitful relationship as distributor for China’s UNIS Technology, Instance Automatics didn’t let a pandemic stop them from chiming in to the company’s business discussion about how amusements are adapting to the new post-pandemic paradigm

Eason preps for online UNIS 2020 Showcase

Ian Eason Instance Automatics UNIS 2020 Showcase online
Whilst UK tradeshows appear to be off-the-books for the considerable future, Ian Eason of Instance Automatics still plans to display his wares and rub (virtual) shoulders with fellow amusement professionals, having signed up for an online showcase event next month hosted by US games manufacturer UNIS Technology

Instance Automatics: “…we changed our business model in a heartbeat…”

Ian Eason Instance Automatics
We’ve been asked about our plans in terms for re-opening, but the truth is we never closed. We are still open now!

FECs: Ready or not?

FECs opening debate
Speaking on social media this week, operators discussed whether FECs were included in the 15 June opening phase, and importantly, if they were ready.

Instance Automatics leads Support the Great British Seaside campaign

Great British Seaside campaign
Instance Automatics is leading a Support the Great British Seaside campaign, as part of an effort to help boost coastal tourism when freedom of movement returns.

Operators divided on options for new safety measures

Social distancing mandatory screens
The prospect of mandatory screens between machines has sparked heated discourse within the amusement trade, with voices speaking passionately both for and against.

Instance Automatics develops Covid-19 safety range to help industry to open

Instance Automatics PPE Health & Safety
Looking at other ways to keep wages paid after the March Lockdown began, Instance Automatics has developed a range of solutions to assist businesses when they eventually reopen and have to comply with the government’s yet to be announced “Covid-19 secure” guidelines.

Instance Automatics muses post lockdown policy

Ian Eason Instance Automatics post lockdown visions
Ahead of any concrete government guidelines as to how and when gambling and entertainment venues might be permitted to re-open, operators have taken things into their own hands and are sharing their visions for how they plan to tackle the Coronavirus after lockdown has been lifted.

Industry backs anti-suicide campaign during “tough times”

Suicide Awareness campaign
As self-isolating measures remain in place throughout the country, coin-op professionals have taken to social media to pledge their support for the mental health of British men.

Instance Automatics praised for charitable donations

Ian Eason Instance Automatics
Instance Automatics has been helping those requiring personal sanitisation products through a number of charitable donations.

No support on offer for most business owners?

Business arcade owners need support
While employees on PAYE will receive 80 percent of their salaries up to £2500 when furloughed, the eligibility of business owners and the self-employed..

Eason draws the line, but backs Bacta’s Category D proposal

Ian Eason Instance Automatics
In a letter to Bacta dated 4 July, Ian Eason gave his view on last month’s House of Lords announcement and Bacta’s recent intervention of Cat D complex

Bacta to hold EGM on reel-based Cat D measures

Bacta EGM Reel based Cat D measures
Bacta insists a step-up of responsibility measures on complex Cat D games is a logical step in the current climate of anti-gambling hysteria.

Facebook fraud group refines its terms as operator membership continues to grow

APFG Arcade & Pub Fraud Alert Group Facebook
The Arcade & Pub Fraud Alert Group (APFG) now has amassed over 330 individual members on Facebook, with more, the group says, joining by the day.

Introducing the Arcade & Pub Fraud Alert Group

Arcade Pub Fraud Alert Group
A pair of vigilant industry pals have set up a new Facebook group which is proving popular amongst operators eager to share the low-down on the latest security threats.

And the battle rages on: Hastings Pier architect strikes out at arcade plans

Hastings Pier arcade plan
One of the head architects of the revamped Hastings Pier has said that newly unveiled plans to reintroduce an arcade at the attraction are not in spirit..

Greens Family Fun Centre reopens doors after refurbish

Greens Family Fun Centre
Managing director of Instance Automatics Ian Eason has hailed the refurbishment of Greens Family Fun Centre as a success, after contributing to the..