Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Perspective: IDS is watching You!

Iain Duncan Smith Perspectives
Perhaps there exists somewhere a ‘sliding doors’ alternative universe where Iain Duncan Smith resisted internal party wrangling, demonstrated hidden depths of charismatic competence and led the Conservative Party to power in the 2005 General Election, mulls Paul Leyland of Regulus Partners. If so, it seems likely that the State might now resemble something between the Rule of the Major-Generals and George Orwell’s Airstrip One.

A price too high? Plans to roll affordability checks into wider review of gambling seen as a slight to GamCom

Affordability Checks YouGov
Informed newspaper reports are suggesting that afford ability checks are to be included as part of the Gambling Review and subject to deeper, evidence-based scrutiny, a move which has been welcomed by the industry but will disappoint the regulator.

Place your bets? National Lottery accused of running a national casino

National Lottery instant win games
Many in the industry believe that the National Lottery has flown under the radar and should be regarded as a gambling brand - IDS agrees.

IDS: “Affordability? For me…the jury’s out”

Iain Duncan Smith affordability checks
The Gambling Related Harm APPG assembled last week to hear evidence on affordability checks. But the conclusions to be drawn were not exactly how it wanted them to be.

Gambling review: Scrap the Commission, insists IDS

Iain Duncan Smith gambling review suggestions
Sir Iain Duncan Smith has called on ministers to make “bold moves” in its review of the Gambling Act - including getting rid of the gambling watchdog altogether. But the industry will do well to beware: for IDS, bold often means ban when it comes to gambling.

Order, order: APPG calls for £2 max stake on online slots and a slap for the GC

APPG max stake called slots Gambling Related Harm
With the high street maximum stake now sitting at £2 across the board, The Gambling Related Harm All-Party Parliamentary Group has raised the question as..

FOBT stakes should be limited to £2, says Iain Duncan Smith MP

In a letter published in The Times, MPs Iain Duncan Smith and Carolyn Harris, lay out the final case to reduce of the maximum stake on FOBTs to £2. As the government prepares to make a decision on reducing the maximum stake o n fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs), we urge it to do the right thing and set the figure at...

White and Miller progress Bacta case in Whitehall

Bacta Whitehall Tracey Crouch
Bacta has followed up its meeting with former Conservative party leader, Iain Duncan Smith, with another appointment at Whitehall, this time with Tracey Crouch MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport and Civil Society. The member for Chatham and Aylesford and the politician with responsibility for the gambling industry in all of its guises, met with Bacta chief executive...

Iain Duncan Smith supports bacta case for £2 stake

bacta Iain Duncan Smith
A senior bacta delegation comprising National President, Gabi Stergides and Chief Executive, John White supported by Oliver Hogan, Head Economist at the influential Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), met with former leader of the Conservative Party, Iain Duncan Smith, last week to present the findings of CEBR analysis on the economic impact on bookmakers of a reduction...