Monday, September 28, 2020

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Hough Bollard provides video guides for Job Retention Scheme

Debbie Hough Bollard EAG 2020
Licensing and HR specialist Debbie Hough Bollard has produced a series of video guides designed to help operators navigate the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Hough Bollard: Reel based Cat D in danger of age limit law

Debbie hough Hough & Bollard
Licensing expert Debbie Hough Bollard has been following the proceedings and strikes a note of caution for the industry: 18+ only is a ‘serious’ prospect.

Hough: Lessons from the iGaming sector

Debbie hough Hough & Bollard
Debbie Hough of Hough & Bollard details how owners of amusements businesses can take heed of lessons that certain iGaming operators have had to learn the..

Hough Bollard: A well-prepared local risk assessment is key to opening a new AGC on schedule

debbie hough
In light of an increasing number of objections from local authorities, businesses, and even fellow AGC operators, licensing consultant Debbie Hough Bollard, of Hough and Bollard, has stressed the importance of operators opening new premises to include a well-prepared local area risk assessment in their application. Debbie Hough Bollard, of licensing consultants Hough and Bollard, has urged operators to “give...