Ignored and isolated: Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club receive the silent treatment from the HMRC

kingsley-working-mens club
Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club has been battling to reclaim VAT paid to HMRC for over four years. Caught in the fall- out of a push me pull me legal battle, the WMC remains adamant that the money - nearly £40,000 - is their’s. Barry Slasberg has been driving the case but has hit a wall of silence. Not...

Betfred sets high-street bookmakers up for £1bn rebate, paving the way for further claimants

Betfred High Street
A tribunal ruling in favour of Betfred could secure a £1bn tax rebate for bookmakers, while opening the door for operators in other sectors of the industry to pursue similar claims. Betfred has secured a legal victory over HMRC that could lead to a £1bn tax rebate for high-street bookmakers, as well as further implications for the industry. A First-tier tribunal (FFT)...

HMRC concede WMC repayments were demanded “in the public interest”

Kingly Working Mens Club
Following a meeting with HMRC on 17 April in which the government body revealed that WMC repayments were demanded “in the public interest”, Barry Slasberg of Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club has called on umbrella organisations to “fight for justice”. For four years HMRC has argued that its demand for working men’s club (WMC) repayments in 2014 was made in...

Treasury try to stem momentum on £2 FOBT stake

Treasury FOBT stake
As one would expect with the tumultuous debate over FOBTS, as the picture gets clearer, the mist swoops in to cloud the vision. When you thought it was impossible to halt the £2 maximum stake momentum, the Chancellor has, according to newspaper reports, stepped in to stop the surge. Money, surprise, surprise, sits at the very heart of the...

Court overturns reduced VAT on holiday park fuel supplies

Coinslot - fuel
A holiday park operator trading as British Holidays, Haven, and Butlins may have to pay increased fuel charges through its rental packages following a ruling in the Court of Appeal.   The long-running argument between HMRC and Colaingrove, which operates 37 holiday parks across the UK, was decided in the former’s favour, ending a period of reduced VAT on caravan- rental...

Influential PwC research shows the full extent of industry’s economic contributions

Coinslot - PWC research bacta 2017
The UK amusements and low stake gaming industry contributes close to £2bn to UK GDP, supports the employment of 34,000 people and pays some £270m of MGD and machine VAT, according to the highlights of a body of economic impact research conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) on behalf of bacta. The purpose of the research was to provide a fact-base...