Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Philip Miller launches plan to save Southend high street

Philip Miller, Southend, high street, seaside, amusement
Seaside amusement park operator Philip Miller has revealed a series of measures he believes will stop the decline of the resort’s town centre and make it thrive again. The owner of Southend’s Adventure Island amusement park has unveiled plans save it from dying”. Philip Miller MBE wants the road reopened to traffic, two hours of free parking and fewer double-yellow lines...

Bournemouth highstreet in need of assistance despite festive footfall

Bournemouth, high street, festive, footfall,
The opening of a Christmas Tree Wonderland has provided a double digit boost for Bournemouth’s consumer footfall, a welcome lift for a town which has been experiencing turbulent times on its high streets. The festive celebrations have become a “national Christmas attraction” according to Business Improvement District chief Paul Kinvig, as well as a significant boon for business. “We’re awaiting figures...

Innovation key to changing ‘High street low’, says Ken Scott

high street, innovation, uk, industry
The warning signs are there according to the latest footfall statistics on Britain’s high streets. A resilient industry must become even more resilient and, suggests Ken Scott, ever more innovative. Just what you want going into Christmas, some festive cheer from the economy - footfall on high streets up and down the country fell 3.2 percent in November compared to...

What does the future hold for Carlton Bingo in Hartlepool?

Carlton Bingo, Hartlepool, workers, High Street,
Hartlepool’s Carlton Bingo has launched a consultation with its workforce to consider the venue’s future as a bingo hall. The York Road club, which has served the town for 50 years, is considering trading options in the light of declining high street bingo custom. “I can confirm that we have started a consultation process with employees at the club looking at...

Night-time economy essential to reversing UK’s high-street decline, say councils

Night time economy
A new study has found widespread support among local authorities for the development and support of Britain’s night-time economy. The vast majority of local councils believe that the night-time economy, including pubs and clubs, could be the key to preventing wider high-street decline. A new study conducted by think-tank the Local Government Information Unit (LGIU) and brewing trade association. The Portman...

British high street far from dead, say Deloitte

High Street
Latest retail figures from the ONS have elicited commentary from Deloitte’s head of retail, who insists that the high street is successfully reinventing itself. The British high street is bouncing back and is far from on its last legs, suggests one of the country’s leading retail analysts. The remarks come as the Office of National Statistics release new data, which show that...

Industry event to discuss Future of the UK High Street Bookmakers

High Street
Panels and keynotes planned for September 13 at Soho Hotel, London Stakeholders in the future of the UK high street bookmakers will be taking part in a dedicated event taking place on 13 September that will look into how the industry should respond to the upcoming £2 maximum stake on B2 gaming machines. The event, to be held at the Soho...

Extent of high street woes revealed

High Street
The trials and tribulations of Britain’s high streets have been long discussed and now an investigation published by The Mirror has revealed the numbers behind the talk. In total the report states that since 2010 the high street has lost more than 17,000 businesses. The British pub market has born the brunt of much afflicting the UK consumer space. Demographic discrepancies...

UKHospitality calls for more action on rates

UKHopsitality has made it clear to the treasury that it must undertake a serious re-evaluation of current business rates guidelines if the future prosperity of the hospitality industry is to be ensured. The trade body responded to a statement released by the chancellor that was in turn a retort to a Committee letter expressing concern that the current business rates...

Councils prepare for high street changes

High Street
The Local Government Authority has published “a whole council approach” to “tackling gambling related harm”, including a warning that councils must monitor changes to their local gambling landscape following the implementation of the FOBT stake cut. In fact, the document regularly mentions the impact of bookmakers on the high street, detailing the ways in which councils can control shop numbers...

High street diploma

High Street
With national media now campaigning to save the high street, Olly Gully believes the focus should be a reduction in business rates, and a promotion of business-minded individuals in local government. If councils want to collect such high business rates, they need to also support the businesses that pay it. This is the message from Tyler Shaw of Shaws Premier...

Gaming finally has a Future in Willesden Green

Future Leisure
There was very little will in Willesden as Future Leisure had to fight hard to get its change of use application through the council. After almost a year of fighting, the operator’s appeal came through and an AGC will make its way on to the high street. The future has been a long time coming for Future Leisure whose planning...

FOBT decision bridges the political divide

House of Parliament
In Regulus Partners’ Winning Post, Dan Waugh describes how parliament reacted to Culture Secretary Matt Hancock’s decision to cut the maximum stake on FOBTs to £2. One of the great (and rarely acknowledged) social benefits provided by the gambling industry is its ability to bring people together - and so it proved this week in Parliament as MPs and peers...

AGC operators look forward to a levelled playing field

Speaking to Coinslot, Kevin Birch, director of Players Amusements, and Ray Stewart, owner of CC Leisure, explain what £2 maximum stake cut on FOBTs means for AGC operators after over a decade of competing against the high stake terminal. Operators on Britain’s high streets have welcomed the DCMS’ decision to cut maximum stakes on FOBTs from £100 to £2, stating...

Triennial: A chance gone begging for high street parity

Ray Stewart, director at CC Leisure, weighs in on the apparent lack of action in the Triennial Review and how standing still may be tantamount to moving backwards in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.   Coinslot: What are your overall opinions on the Triennial Review release? Ray Stewart: “The review is disappointing, because on the one hand Bacta has gone and asked...

An estimated 13 million Brits are turning their back on the high street

UK adults are turning en masse to online platforms and shunning high street businesses, new research by LetBritain reveals.   An independent, nationally-representative survey of 2,000 UK adults commissioned by the virtual letting agency LetBritain has revealed mass consumer discontent with businesses failing to embrace digital disruption, with over half (51 percent) regularly going online to buy the vast majority of...

Zero sum games a possibility following rate changes

Coinslot - Sum Business Rates UK High Street
Saving high streets requires a dramatic rewriting of the business rates system, says Aden Simpson. If this is a priority, which itself is far from clear, the shortfall sum will have to be picked up by someone else.   Commercial council tax – aka business rates – contribute £26bn to local authorities otherwise impoverished budgets each year. At five percent of...