Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Tag: High Street Gaming

Councils continue to play prohibitionist politics instead of following policy

Councils play prohibitionist politics amusements centre AGC licences
More and more local councils are taking the moral high ground when it comes to gambling and amusement centre licences. The only problem is, it’s too often their own personal morals. The law sets out exactly what the parameters are, so why do some councillors still object rather than learn about the gaming centre offerings?

Gambling review head John Whittingdale visits Admiral gaming centre

John Whittingdale Clapham AGC visit high street gaming
The all-important John Whittingdale MP joined Novomatic CEO Zane Mersich at an Admiral gaming centre in south London this week, as one of the country’s leading operators looks to highlight the safe, secure and entertaining nature of high street gaming.