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A tale of two incidents: Martin Richardson and the inconsistency of local policing

Martin Richardson, the man behind the Happidrome amusements centre in Southend, has been busy fighting to keep the town’s prized seafront safe. For him, the Marine Parade is a jewel in Southend’s community. So when anti- social behaviour occurs, he puts his 60 CCTV cameras to work to help the police do their job and make the seafront a...

Martin Richardson steps up fight against crime by sharing CCTV footage on social media

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As well as sharing CCTV footage of an a break-in with police, Happidrome’s Martin Richardson is posting it to his arcade’s social media followers to widen the fight against crime. A Southend amusement arcade operator has continued his campaign of posting CCTV footage of incidents that occurred at his premises on social media in a bid to reduce crime at...

Brexit-shaped staffing gaps add to industry pressure

Southend Pier
While operators further away from larger cities may escape the consequences of Britain’s EU worker exodus, those nearer to London - such as Martin Richardson, operator of Southend’s Happidrome - are starting see one of Brexit’s sharp edges take affect. With costs on the rise, and Cat D stakes and prizes staying the same, the challenge of operating on Britain’s...

Government criticised over new £1 coin ‘nightmare’

Coinslot - Coin Happidrome Arcade
An arcade operator has hit out at the government for the huge cost of adapting his equipment to the new £1 coin, going as far as to call for some form of compensation.   A Southend family entertainment centre operator has described the introduction of the new £1 coin as a “nightmare”. Martin Richardson, owner of Happidrome Arcade on the resort’s seafront,...

Call for pay and display to stop parking abuse in Southend

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A parking debacle is underway in Southend, with coastal arcades first in the firing line. Southend amusements operator has called for pay and display parking meters along the resort’s seafront to stop people abusing a scheme designed to help business owners. Martin Richardson, owner of the Happidrome FEC, said drivers were leaving their cars all day in on-road parking bays that...

Southend operator to shame antisocial offenders on Facebook

Coinslot Southend operator
The situation on Southend seafront has become so bad that its businesses are to set up their own advance-warning communication network. Businesses on Southend’s seafront, including its amusement arcades, are to create their own radio communication network in response to a spate of antisocial behaviour and crime activities at the resort this summer. The incidents have become so frequent in 2016...