Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Guidance

Debbie Bollard: “I really don’t think the Government wants to make the application process any easier, in fact all the signs are it wants to make it even harder...

Debbie Bollard Hough and Bollard licensing application process
The licensing process is a stressful one at the best of times, but in the current environment of intense public debate aimed at influencing the gambling review, it has become all the more exacting. Debbie Bollard of Hough & Bollard navigates Coinslot through the choppy waters of licensing in the post- Covid era and raises the alarm on the obscure and barely noticed clause s153 of the Gambling Act where the devil really is in the detail. Your entitlement to a business on the high street may well be at risk if some councils get their way.

Government announces Brexit guidance for gambling sector

Government brexit guidance
While each company will have its own hoops to jump through and boxes to tick, the government has announced guidance relevant to businesses in the gambling sector as the end of the Brexit transition period approaches. The question is: are we ready?

Bacta survey reveals almost a third of jobs lost as industry hits breaking point

Bacta survey shocking redundancy reports
As the Government announces further restrictions - including a curfew of 10pm for pubs - a survey of members carried out by Bacta last week reveals shocking rates of redundancy, with almost a third of the workforce having already lost their jobs or with their jobs at imminent risk. The government needs to act now.

Face to face: Arcades provide mask guidance

face masks guidance
Arcades across the country are recommending visitors wear face coverings, in order to help operators do all they can to protect against a second wave of Coronavirus.