Thursday, January 27, 2022

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2022: Why government must give more than two little ducks about bingo

Hollywood Clubs Andrew Reilly Bingo Government must do more 2022
As the bingo industry gives a good riddance salute to 2021, it unfortunately welcomes 2022 without much reason for optimism.

Comment: Make government listen / This is no time to pull the plug

Comment 2755 Make Government listen - No time to pull the plug
The industry needs to look at how the government is behaving towards GPs and come-up with a powerful and engaging campaign.

Chris Philp appointed new gambling minister

Chris Philp appointed Gambling Minister
No sooner had he been given his red box, when Chris Philp opened it and found an inquiry report that hammered the Gambling Commission. His task, should he choose to accept it, was to deliver the critical blow and advise that things will change. What a day to start your new job. And what a year to do so as well; Philp’s primary role above all now is to oversee the gambling review.

Off the Record: Hanging Hancock out to dry

off the record Matt Hancock inflation staff
OTR delves into the shark bowl that’s Conservative party politics, explains why inflation represents such a threat to our industry and why it took 45-minutes to just get a pint in a pub.

Government announces Brexit guidance for gambling sector

Government brexit guidance
While each company will have its own hoops to jump through and boxes to tick, the government has announced guidance relevant to businesses in the gambling sector as the end of the Brexit transition period approaches. The question is: are we ready?

Marshal law: Government’s latest restrictions will have “an immediate cooling effect on public confidence

restrictions lockdown measures
For an industry already under pressure, the latest mini-lockdown measures unveiled by the government on Wednesday will undoubtedly be damaging, but nowhere near as worrying as the impact the announcement will have on public confidence, the industry trade bodies say

Government dismisses industry VAT and MGD reduction request

VAT MGD reduction request dismissed
The government has dismissed a request from Bacta for the amusements industry to be included in the temporary 5 percent VAT rate for tourist businesses.

“The Government must act very quickly as we are already seeing companies that have been trading for many years close down”

John Stergides Electrocoin
Electrocoin’s John Stergides is in determined mood; all parts of the industry, he argues, have not had the full benefits of support from government and local authorities.

Stride to Sunak: don’t stop ironing relief kinks

Treasury select committee
The chair of the Treasury select committee has called for chancellor Rishi Sunak to “iron out” deficiencies in the government’s relief measures for small businesses - arguing that “some people have slipped through the net.”

Electrocoin’s five requests for the new Tory administration

Electrocoin John A Stergides
Responding to the question: “If you were asked for three things the government needs to sort out for you now, what would they be?”, Electrocoin’s John Stergides was not short on answers..

New heritage fund: will the broader leisure sector stand to benefit?

UK High Street
The government says it will establish a new lifeline to turn disused historic buildings into vibrant new contributors to the high street economy. Will that help leisure businesses?

Irish bookies await promised tax hike review

irelnad, bookmaker, tax
Ireland is awaiting a review of its bookmaker turnover tax increase from one to two percent, which came into action on 1 January. Proposed as part of Budget 2019 by Ireland’s finance minister Paschal Donohoe, the tax hike has been a cause of huge concern for industry stakeholders, with independent bookmakers in particular feeling squeezed by the 100 percent rise. Following...

Government calls for year-round tourism promotion

Government, tourism, promotion, politics
Secretary of state for tourism Jeremy Wright has called on the tourism industry to respond with a “renewed commitment” to establish a world-leading market. Speaking to the Tourism Industry Council Wright said: “Every time a leisure or business traveller chooses to visit, it brings investment in our economy and supports jobs across the country, but we are in a competitive...

Ministers move to improve disabled facilities at theme parks

politics, disabled, theme parks, government
A ministerial consultation is to be launched in 2019 that could potentially see theme parks required to install Changing Places toilet facilities for those with severe disabilities. Current regulations only recommend that these should be in place at large venues,but new proposals - brought forward by Rishi Sunak MP - seek to amend this to include all new large publicly-accessible...

Government bring forward FOBT reduced stake implementation to April 2019

Coinslot-stake reduction
The Government has announced that the implementation date on the reduced maximum stake of £2 on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs), will be brought forward to April 2019. This follows an extensive campaign by the FOBT APPG, led by Iain Duncan Smith MP, Carolyn Harris MP and Ronnie Cowan MP, to bring forward the date from October 2019 as announced...

Over 70 cross-party MPs support early FOBT implementation date

Over 70 cross-party MPs support April 2019 FOBT implementation date A cross-party group of MPs, will tabled a new clause and a sequence of amendments to the Finance Bill to bring forward the implementation date for Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) to April 2019. This follows the announcement last month that the Government intends to implement the £2 stake maximum stake...

Pressure grows on Hammond for rates redress

Phillip Hammond, government, Vince Cable, tax, government
There are growing calls for the chancellor to level the taxation playing-field between the high-street and online retailers, after it became clear that British companies will pay an additional £728m in business rates next year. The increase reflects a 2.4 per cent rise in inflation, and is set to bring next the total bill levelled at UK business next year...

Enforce the FOBT stake – or we’ll do it for you, say legislators

FOBT, politics, government, Philip Hammond,
A coalition of over thirty members of parliament and peers have called on the Chancellor to enforce the government’s promised reduction in FOBT stakes - and have pledged to take matters into their own hands if he does not. In a joint letter published last week in Parliament’s The House magazine, signatories from all major parties and both chambers praised...

Ignored and isolated: Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club receive the silent treatment from the HMRC

kingsley-working-mens club
Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club has been battling to reclaim VAT paid to HMRC for over four years. Caught in the fall- out of a push me pull me legal battle, the WMC remains adamant that the money - nearly £40,000 - is their’s. Barry Slasberg has been driving the case but has hit a wall of silence. Not...

Government to face ‘tough questions’ over support for seaside resorts

UK seaside-politics
A cross-party group of peers has promised to push the government for answers on how it will support seaside resorts after they visited Skegness last week. Members of the House of Lords have said they will press the government on issues surrounding support for seaside resorts - and businesses within them - after a fact-finding mission to Skegness. Members of the...

‘No-deal’ would hurt seaside resorts, claims Thornberry

Emily Thornberry
Labour’s shadow foreign secretary has predicted that a ‘no- deal’ Brexit would hurt traditional seaside resorts such as Blackpool and Cleethorpes. Last last week’s Labour Party conference, Emily Thornberry warned that a rise in inflation, as predicted by the Bank of England in the event of a‘no-deal’ scenario, would mean both tourists from abroad and staycationers would be put off...

Unsustainable Brighton disruption to wreak havoc on south-coast amusements

Brighton train station
An extended period of Brighton’s isolation via rail could see business halved at the city’s Palace Pier, says its chief executive. Business representatives of the Brighton and Hove Tourism Alliance - including executives from Brighton Pier and the i360 - had sat down with management from Network Rail and Govia Thameslink Railway last month,with the attractions’ lobby hoping to minimise...

“Follow the lead” of inclusive tourist attractions, urge ministers

Disability ramp sign
A leading Blackpool attraction is among those tipped by government as a template for how operators approach provision for disabled visitors. Two government ministers have urged leisure operators to follow the example of Sandcastle Waterpark in Blackpool by ensuring that the needs of disabled visitors are fully catered for. Minister for disabled people Sarah Newton and Tourism Minister Michael Ellis have...

Bugger the business rates, says Cable

Vince Cable
The latest policy document from the Liberal Democrats wants to do-away with business rates completely, placing the burden of commercial property taxes squarely with land-owners. The Liberal Democrats have laid-down a new plan to abolish the current system of business rates in favour of land-value taxation on commercial property owners. In his introduction to the new proposals, Lib Dem leader...

Fears of no-deal Brexit grow as government releases contingency plan

Negotiating ministers have assured the public that a deal is likely to be reached by November at the latest - but the release of detailed “no-deal” Brexit advisory papers has shaken up some in Westminster. New Brexit secretary Dominic Raab has issued a raft of documents - which he says provides “practical and proportionate” guidance for British businesses to draw...

Glasgow struggles for legal means of B2 redress

Lawmakers in Scotland’s largest city wish to clamp down on FOBT stakes, but fear the litigious clout of the bookmaker. Glasgow City Council fears legal reprisal if it attempts to enforce its desired crackdown on maximum FOBT stakes, according to a new document put before local legislators last week. There are at present 800 of the machines distributed across the city’s...

Customer, operator, Commission: With cashless technology, everyone’s a winner

Pound Coins
When a government-owned institution as old as The Royal Mint believes that it must have cashless payment options to survive in modern Britain, it creates a convincing picture for the amusements industry’s need to follow suit as soon as possible - and what better time before the Gambling Commission’s upcoming data drive? We need to be relevant to younger people...

A new Civil Society: Government seeks long-term collaboration with private sector

Houses of Parliament
A new Civil Society Strategy envisions collaboration between business and community leaders. For some of the amusements sector on the high street, that’ll be a first. Last week saw the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport unveil a new vision for Civil Society in the UK - the first scheme of its kind for fifteen years. The strategy,which will be...

CBI suggests a ‘A New Approach to Migration’

Following the Home Affairs Committee’s report on migration at the end of last month, the Confederation of British Industry has published its own view, titled ‘Open and Controlled - A New Approach to Migration’, calling for a smart replacement to the unpopular freedom of movement immigration policy. British businesses want to see a new approach to migration that remains open...

Policy options for future migration from the European Economic Area

Houses of Parliament
In the summary of an interim report “published to inform Parliament and the public about the limited statements so far from the Government on future migration policy”, the Home Affairs Committee - chaired by Yvette Cooper MP - suggests the UK needs “a good overall deal” with the EU. With eight months to go until the United Kingdom leaves the...