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Arcade golf concept unveiled in Westfield

£15m indoor mini golf concept has been unveiled to the public in London’s Westfield shopping centre. Puttshack has been co-created by the teams behind Top-golf and social ping pong venue, Bounce, and is the latest in a line of games to be reimagined as an adult entertainment activity. Adam Breeden, founder and CEO of Bounce, said: “It has been our  ambition...

Manufacturers triumph in 28th annual Games Cup golf tournament

The industry’s Ryder Cup went the way of the manufacturers this year with the operators losing out by the one single point. But the Games Cup, which dates back to the early 1990s, is more than just a charity golf tournament; it’s an industry forum. One of the people behind it, Mike Clokie talks to Coinslot. The Games Cup,the industry’s...

Clarion join industry raising funds for CHIPS Charity

Clarion join casino and gaming industry raising funds for CHIPS Charity
Clarion Gaming Managing Director, Kate Chambers, has heralded the ‘phenomenal work’ undertaken by the casino and gaming sectors in raising over £1.75m for CHIPS, the industry charity which provides specialised wheelchairs for children and young people with severe mobility problems. Speaking following the 16th annual CHIPS Charity Golf Championship, which featured two Clarion Gaming teams, Kate Chambers said: “The casino...

Golden Tee goliath prepares for golfing gold

Coinslot - Golden Tee andy Haas
In the good old U S of A a fully grown adult man is preparing to defend his title as champion of an arcade machine first released in 1989.   The coin-operated Golden Tee became ubiquitous in drinking establishments soon after it came out in 1989. In the early 2000s, technology allowed players to compete with each other for prize money on...