Monday, December 6, 2021

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Genesis Games: Let’s push things forward

Genesis Games ACOS
With the business firmly set on an upwards curve Genesis Games is continuing to place continual product evolution at the forefront of planning, commented..

Strength in depth: Genesis Games discuss ACOS

Genesis Games ACOS
Hans Bierrum of Genesis Games was on hand at ACOS to assess the growth of digital gaming and the success a varied multi game menu can bring to venues. There is strength in depth when it comes to digital games.The ability to offer a wide range of titles on a single machine has revolutionised the Cat C and B3 markets...

Presenting the future: Genesis Games brings Amarox to Acos

Genesis Games
The Amarox C24, available through Genesis Games, builds on the successes of the Amatic cabinet family to provide the gaming floor with a brand new stand out installation. The Amarox C24 is the newest member of the Amatic cabinet family. Whilst the unit is of entirely new design the visual aspect of it has been inspired in no small part...

Genesis Games: Success for all seasons

Steve Bierrum
Steve Bierrum, director at Genesis Games, sees promotional opportunities ahead in Olympia and the good health of the multi game market. Whilst ACOS is a timely opportunity for many to look back and discuss the summer,for those not explicitly tied to seasonality it represents an important opportunity to keep driving business forward even as the days get shorter. Steve Bierrum, director...

Games of innovation and experience

Steve Bierrum
Steve Bierrum, director at Genesis Games, takes stock of the UK B3 market, and the technological innovations driving the sector to new heights. Category B3 units are some of the most prominent in the UK leisure marketplace and in turn account for a great deal of overall consumer spend. This is something that is showing little signs of slowing according...

Go-karting race raises £2,000 for wheelchair charity

Genesis Games
A charity go-karting race organised by Milton Keynes-based Praesepe Group, has raised £2,000 for CHIPS; a charity founded by the UK gaming industry to provide made-to-measure powered wheelchairs for young people with severe mobility problems. The go-karting race, which took place on May 3rd, was contested at the Daytona Milton Keynes race track by 12 teams representing suppliers and staff...