Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Sega ends 56 years of arcade operations with sale of remaining shares to Genda

Sega arcade operations sells remaining shares to Genda
After forming in 1965 through a merger of American-owned companies operating in Japan, expanding into the US through acquisitions and openings in the 70’s, and becoming an iconic name in the golden era of arcades, Sega’s journey as an amusements operator has finally come to an end with the sale of its remaining 15 percent shares to Genda.

Sega UK unaffected by Japanese arcade deal

Sega UK unaffected by Japan arcade sale
The CEO of Sega Amusements International has stated that the restructuring of Japanese parent company Sega Group will not impact the UK and US subsidiaries.

Sega sells majority stake in Japanese arcade business

Sega sells majority stake in Japanese arcades
Japan’s love of the arcade couldn’t weather the Covid storm, leading Sega to admit it had sustained “extraordinary losses” which have forced it to sell.