Friday, September 25, 2020

Tag: Gary Drage

SAM Leisure puts quality first ahead of “revolutionary” launch

SAM Leisure quality first
As one of the UK’s leading pool, air hockey, and table football manufacturers, SAM Leisure is well placed to identify - and act on - the latest developments in the market. With a new first-in-the-industry multi-game table set for testing, MD Gary Drage told Coinslot how quality keeps the company on top.

EVO Air Hockey top the charts for SAM Leisure

Coinslot Gary Drage SAM Leisure Air Hockey
Owner of SAM Leisure Gary Drage explains why the company’s newest range of EVO air hockey tables are proving so popular with operators. Amusements manufacturer SAM Leisure has been talking about the success of its newest range of EVO air hockey tables. And it’s the aesthetic features that are really hitting the mark. Gary Drage, owner and director of SAM Leisure,...