Monday, September 28, 2020

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Fixing the facts: Online slot play went down, not up during lockdown

Fact Check lockdown gaming
Analysts at Full Fact have set the record straight in correcting alarmist claims that online slot play increased during the period of lockdown. The gap between the popular narrative and the facts remains worryingly large, something that will continue to raise considerable concerns for the broader based gaming sector.

OKTO ready to answer industry’s cashless question, once and for all

OKTO cashless payments solution
International fintech provider OKTO is ready to give Britain’s retail gaming sectors a much needed post-lockdown boost by offering the definitive solution to the longstanding challenge of cashless payments.

Number dive: Some glimmers amongst the clouds

Statistics GamCom
To channel the spirit of the good-old weatherman (yeah, or woman - put it in your blog), the overall outlook for the gambling industry may have been gloomy in the Gambling Commission latest figures, but delving a little deeper into the numbers, and there were some definite sunny spells.

‘Why couldn’t a single venue on the high street offer all forms of gaming?’

Jason Frost Chairman Euromat single venue gaming
Euromat president Jason Frost takes a look at what the new normal will look like for the industry, once we get back up and running.

Electrocoin creates buzz with extensive product showcase

Electrocoin John A Stergides EAG
Decrying the old adage, Electrocoin proved it was possible to provide both quantity and quality at EAG 2020, with John A. Stergides guiding Coinslot through its vast product array.

MSP warns of Brexit effect on Scottish gaming industry

MSP warns of Brexit
Scotland’s further education minister Richard Lochhead has warned “any kind of Brexit” would be detrimental to Dundee’s thriving games technology market..

Gaming addiction added to WHO roster

video game Gaming Mental Health
It’s official, video game addiction is a bonafide mental health disorder: that’s according to none other than the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Bacta enacts new social responsibility charter

Bacta social responsibility charter gaming industry
As the latest step in updating its social responsibility guidelines, trade body Bacta has followed its well-attended Social Responsibility Exchange of November 2018 with an industry-wide charter ensuring a unified approach to problem gaming. Bacta has announced the enactment of its newly updated Social Responsibility Charter, including the latest guidance on self- exclusion and safer gambling practice. Effective as of 1...

Convenience and choice for cash

Innovative technology, Convenience, cash handling, gaming
Hard cash still has pride of place within the gaming market comments Marcus Tiedt, sales director, Innovative Technology, but that is not to say the company is unprepared for developments. Coinslot: Easy question to start - will cash always be king? Marcus Tiedt:“We firmly believe that cash (coins and notes) still has a strong place in the gaming and amusement industry...

Gamestec: A year of transition

Peter Davies, Gamestec, gaming, amusement, interview, distributor
In years past, the external perception of Gamestec has sometimes been less than complimentary. Thankfully, self-analysis has been brought to the fore and the past 12-15 months has seen the company acknowledge a need for change and understand where improvements were required in order to take real steps to reposition itself in the eyes of customers, peers and suppliers. As...

ASK Global: Combining gaming industry expertise with future-proof payment solutions

ASK Global, payment solutions, gaming, industry
After 25 years with some of the biggest brands in the industry, Fivos Polymniou launched his own gaming solutions company in 2017 under the banner ASK Global, which is now introducing the UK market to Italy’s leading cash handling kiosks. Exhibiting at EAG for the first time this year, gaming solutions provider ASK Global has introduced itself to the industry...

Plymouth welcomes arcade gaming proposal

Plymouth, arcade, gaming, proposal
A new pay-at-the-door retro arcade could be set to open in Plymouth town centre, with an unnamed arcade operator reportedly viewing locations in Union Street, Cornwall Street and Derry’s Cross. Alongside a UK-based crazy golf company, the arcade firm has visited empty retail and former nightclub venues in the city with a view to founding a new retro gaming site. “We...

Lightning strikes at Sims’ 50th

Sims Automatics, NSM Music, Scotland, jukebox, operator, gaming, amusement
Sims Automatics, Scotland’s largest independent operator of gaming and amusement equipment, and NSM Music, the UK’s leading jukebox manufacturer are uniting in celebration of two impressive milestones. 1969 might have been all about flower power, but it’s Glasgow-based Sims Automatics who have shown real staying power over the last 50 years - and this month installed their 500th NSM Music...

A uniquely British sector

Blueprint, cat c, gaming, uk, industry
Having already established itself at the forefront of the Cat C market, the Blueprint dedication to constant improvement remains unwavering, commented Gavin Wright, head of UK sales. Coinslot: What is it about Cat C units that makes them so popular for both consumers and operators? Gavin Wright: Category C occupies a unique place at the heart of the UK pub retail...

Harry Levy: Just the ticket

Harry Levy, redemption market, ticket, UK, gaming
The rapid ascension of redemption within the UK gaming market has helped foster a culture of creativity and innovation that shows little signs of slowing, commented Harry Levy commercial director Matthew Deith. The importance of the UK redemption market in recent years is without question. Growing customer demand for the winning of tickets paired with a strong culture of innovation...

Bulldog pedigree is in the cash box as operators benefit from boost to the bottom line

Bulldog, gaming, RLMS, entertainment
RLMS Sales managing director, Tony Glanville, explains how Bulldog’s unique take on family entertainment is ensuring that players of all ages keep on coming back for more. Bulldog operates in an intensely competitive market, how has the range performed against rival products? Tony Glanville: The simple answer to that is incredibly well. The data we have, shows that Bulldog products outperform...

The anti-gambling rabble of South Ribble

Anti-gambling, South Ribble, gaming, gambling commission
As the statistically unsupported ‘gambling crisis’ of 2018 rages on, South Ribble Council - concerned primarily by pitch-side advertising and the underage use of scratch-cards - is taking action in the only way it can; by launching underage testing in local pubs. Incensed by a media storm and cherry-picked Gambling Commission statistics, South Ribble Council has launched a campaign to...

Think globally, act locally, says Cummins Allison

Cummins Allison sales manager Paul Clay talks to Coinslot about the regional market prospects and Cummins upcoming showing in Ireland. Paul Clay: “This year Cummins Allison will be displaying a number of their cash handling solutions - JetSort LX,JetScan iFX i400 and JetScan 150.” CS: Are there any products, or product types that you see doing particularly well in the Irish...

Gauselmann expands its UK holding with Project joining the global group

Gauselmann, expansion, UK, Project, gaming
One of the UK’s most pioneering independent games developers has joined the big boys of global gaming. Project has signed up to the Gauselmann stable following its acquisition by Blueprint Gaming to create a formidable force in the marketplace. Blueprint Gaming has an eye for quality with its games portfolio making significant headway in the UK market. But last week...

ICE 2019 opens in typical record-breaking fashion

ICE 2019, London, record-breaking, gaming, event
With expectations set high after eight years of successive growth, ICE exhibitors and attendees were not left disappointed. The global gaming industry descended on London Docklands this week for another record-breaking ICE 2019, with the attending amusement contingent making their way back to the ExCel convention centre for the second time in as many months. However, while the destination will be...

LIVE 5 Gaming premium content fuels growth

LIVE 5, Gaming, Premium Content, Growth
Live 5 Gaming is one of the fastest-growing content providers in the industry – thanks to the high level of demand for its premium games. In March 2019, the team will move to new offices which are double the size of its existing space in Staffordshire. This follows a large number of new appointments during 2018, which will continue well...

Bob Rudd celebrates 30 years

Bob Rudd, Gaming, Amusement, celebration
Leading independent operator Bob Rudd Gaming and Amusement Machines is kicking off 2019 in style. Founded in 1989 in Newcastle upon Tyne, over the past 30 years, Bob Rudd has expanded into five more depots due to customer demand and this year will expand its Birmingham depot. Bob Rudd is now the only independent operator to offer all the leading digital...

Low season no time to rest for operators

Lycetts, amusements, arcade
The winter means quieter times and, in some cases, closure for the UK’s amusement arcades - but owners are being urged to remain vigilant and not take a gamble with their business. Arcades up and down the country have shut up shop or are experiencing minimal footfall in the late winter months. This quieter period brings the opportunity for owners to...

Market quality at an all time high, says Tony Glanville

RLMS, Tony Glanville, operators, gaming, gaming equipment
There has scant been a time when operators have had a better selection of gaming equipment, according to RLMS managing director Tony Glanville. In an interview with Coinslot’s Quarterly Review out this week, Glanville explained that an industry-wide dedication to constant self improvement and a player demographic becoming ever the more expectant, if not demanding, has meant that gaming manufacturers...

Suzohapp: ‘We see ourselves as partners to our customers’

Suzohapp, aftersales, john vallis, gaming, technology,
Having after sales support match that found at the point of purchase is crucial if long term success is to be achieved, comments John Vallis, Suzohapp vice president gaming and amusement EMEA. Coinslot: Inbroad terms how important is your after sales and service offerings both for yourself and for the consumer? John Vallis: We see ourselves as partners to our customers....

Why being creative director at Bell-Fruit chimes with Alastair Harris

Bell-Fruit, gaming, Alastair Harris, jpm,
Alastair Harris is something of an anomaly. With no family background in the industry and armed with an impressive first class honours degree in maths and computing, he applied for the first vacancy he saw after graduating, accepted the job offer and started at Maygay with immediate effect. From there he went on to work for a flush of...

Oasis Retail Services hits £9m turnover milestone

Gaming and amusement firm Oasis Retail Services has seen its turnover grow to £9m according to a recently released financial report. For the year ending 31 December 2017, the company saw operating profit increase by eight percent to £2.4m and overall turnover grow by 6.3 percent. A statement accompanying the report read: “We are extremely pleased with the overall performance of...

Tyneside council opens floor ahead of gambling policy review

The council of South Tyneside are inviting consultation with both members of the public and gaming operators within their jurisdiction,ahead of a fresh draft of its statement of policy towards gambling regulation and public health required by the Gambling Act. Sandwiched neatly between Newcastle and Sunderland,the South Shields-based governing body has welcomed public input throughout a ten-week consultation period ending...

The rise of the B3 machines

Cat B3
Gavin Wright, head of UK sales at Blueprint Machines, comments on the growth of the B3 market, its industry importance and the products and innovations behind it all. Coinslot: How have you perceived the performances of Cat B3 machines so far this year? GavinWright: “Blueprint Machines actively monitors all B3 product in the UK market across various sectors.This includes own...

Gaming finally has a Future in Willesden Green

Future Leisure
There was very little will in Willesden as Future Leisure had to fight hard to get its change of use application through the council. After almost a year of fighting, the operator’s appeal came through and an AGC will make its way on to the high street. The future has been a long time coming for Future Leisure whose planning...