Monday, September 21, 2020

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Commission issues new guidelines for online operators in lockdown

GC data online gambling during lockdown
The Gambling Commission has said new data suggests a hike in spend and playtime on gambling sites since the introduction of lockdown, prompting it to tighten regs on digital operators.

GamCom tackles infill and tablet question with an update on gaming machine ratios

Gambling Commission GamCom Gaming Machine Ratio
The Gambling Commission has revised its gaming machine entitlements for AGCs and bingo premises, realigning itself with the 2005 finger in the air ruling..

GamCom reminds operators of Free-to-Play obligations

Gambling Commission Affiliate promotion warning
The Gambling Commission has warned operators about the affiliate promotion of Free-To-Play versions of games, specifically with regard to age verification and customer interaction

Davies heralds release of new GamCom strategy

House of Commons Mims Davies
In a lengthy address to stakeholders, DCMS minister Mims Davies said the regulator’s new policies would allow “swift progress” in administering responsible gambling protocol.

New GamCom business plan pledges best practice programme

Gambling Commission Neil McArthur
Last week saw the Gambling Commission release its Business Plan 2019-20, which laid out a rough timeline of its objectives for the year - including the delivery of a new best practice programme.

GamCom talks tough as lowered FOBT stakes go into effect

GamCom, FOBT, politics, uk, b2 machines
The implementation of new maximum stakes on B2 machines this week served as an opportunity for the regulator to wag its finger not just at bookies, but also at the AGC and remote sectors. Ahead of the £2 stake limit on B2 terminals coming into force this week, the Gambling Commission wrote to bookmakers to “remind them of their responsibilities”...