Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Blackpool to put gambling policy out for public discourse, but what about local operators asks Higgit?

Blackpool, gambling policy, gambling, policy, local politics, politics
Councillors in Blackpool have announced an upcoming period of public consultation regarding local gambling regs - but operators like Chris Higgit have thus far been left out of the equation. A triennial review of policy pertaining to the issuance of gambling licences in Blackpool is to be put out for public consultation - but operators are struggling to find information...

Bricks and mortar gambling in jeopardy, say ABB

The betting industry has started the process of reforming its character after a torrid beating over FOBTs. And it’s going to be an uphill struggle. However, it has identified a cause: betting retail outlets on Britain’s high streets are dying, say the ABB. While some may quip that there are already too many, the case for 4,000 shuttered shops,...

Effectively gambling: The regulatory dog-whistle

Loot boxes - the digital equivalent of Panini football stickers - are “effectively gambling” according to GambleAware, as the charity looks to widen its net around any form of entertainment that involves an element of chance. “More than one in ten British children are effectively gambling in popular online games,” GambleAware told The Sun, adding that loot boxes “may be...

Irish government promise legislative movement

Ireland’s junior justice minister David Stanton has promised that a report on reforms for gambling will be completed by the autumn. The industry is still waiting for one of two Gambling Control Bills to be pushed forward by the government, while in the meantime operators must continue to make-do with legislation from 1956. “It is something we are determined to tackle...

A year in the life of the regulator: Rising costs, expanding reach and not everything is exactly what it seems

gambling commission
Warning: If you are a regulator of a sensitive disposition, please read this comment with care. Ken Scott reads between the lines of the Gambling Commission’s Annual Report and sees a regulator in desperate need of a change of perspective. More glass empty, than glass half full, the GC has an agenda - its existence depends on the successful...

The Regulatory “Wild West”: Irish ministers bicker while industry makes-do

Ireland Fobt
For four decades, Ireland’s gaming and amusements trade association have lobbied successive governments to update the country’s archaic legislation. For four decades, Irish ministers have left the gambling industry to develop into a regulatory “Wild West” - forcing operators to make the best of a bad situation. And yet, still no solution. Despite being told for over forty years that...

Magnanimous in victory

Coinslot FOBTs
While the bookmakers continue to toil away at convincing the Treasury for a longer implementation period, all the while encouraging shop staff to push FOBTs harder than ever, Sam Spencer still believes the amusements industry must resist the urge to stick the knife in. The story of FOBT maximum stakes has been one of drama, deception, and dogma, but with...

FOBT decision bridges the political divide

House of Parliament
In Regulus Partners’ Winning Post, Dan Waugh describes how parliament reacted to Culture Secretary Matt Hancock’s decision to cut the maximum stake on FOBTs to £2. One of the great (and rarely acknowledged) social benefits provided by the gambling industry is its ability to bring people together - and so it proved this week in Parliament as MPs and peers...

Contagion: Westminster council spreads the toxic virus in FOBT fall-out

Westminster Council
With FOBTs defeated on the battlefield, time now then for the unlikely allies to turn on one another? It seems the first to unlink themselves from the brothers in arms are Westminster Council who have turned their hostile attentions towards AGCs. The battle is over; but the war is only just beginning. "These adult arcades can have a higher number...

Dungannon approves arcade application, but highlights machines’ identity crisis

Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland is not the easiest market to navigate for the gaming sector. Not because the market isn’t right, that couldn’t be further from the truth, but the politics...? The political arena has often found itself out of step with the innovative industry and the recent meanderings of some councillors in Tyrone are a perfect case in point. Except...

Peter Hannibal: ‘Never gamble with reputations’

Peter Hannibal DCMS
Peter Hannibal, CEO of the Gambling Business Group, seeks any scraps of comfort as reputations are trashed in an internecine war. Isn’t it fabulous that at last we now all know the outcome of the DCMS’s Gambling Review? Or is it? Whilst some are still inevitably revelling in the euphoria of the result,others are quietly licking their wounds contemplating what they...

Ireland speculates on gambling figures before Dáil debate

Ireland Dail debate
Putting pressure on Fine Gael over its slow-moving Gambling Control Bill, opposition party Fianna Fail took some rather speculatory advice on problem gambling statistics ahead of this week’s Dáil debate. Ahead of a debate on the Fianna Fail’s gambling bill this week, Irish politicians listened to advice from Maebh Leahy, chief executive of the Rutland Centre. Leahy said she believed the...

Gambling lawyer John Hagan to participate in Euromat Summit

Monaco summit
Leading international gambling lawyer John Hagan of Harris Hagan has agreed to play an active role in the 2018 Euromat Summit, 4 - 6 June in Monaco. Formerly a commercial litigator, Hagan has specialised in gambling law since 1998 and advised many of the world’s largest gambling operators. He is frequently instructed by other law firms, private equity firms and...

FOBTs directly cost the taxpayer £210 million a year

In a press release to the general public, Bacta laid out the direct fiscal cost of FOBTs to the taxpayer, with CEO John White reasserting that a £2 maximum stake is the only viable option. The direct fiscal cost of Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) on the taxpayer is found to be as high as £210 million, independent research suggests. Analysis from...

Ireland’s raised age limit a “piecemeal effort” at gambling reform

Coinslot - Ireland age limit gambling reform
The beginning of long-awaited gambling reform in Ireland has finally come to fruition, however the Irish Amusements Trade Association believe “this piecemeal effort” does nothing to bring the country’s legislation to where it should be.   The minimum age limit for all forms of gambling in the Republic of Ireland is to be set at 18 years old under new legislation...

Gambling with life and death through the ages

Coinslot - BBC gambling insurance media watch
This week, the BBC are asking a very interesting question: why is there a perceived moral difference between gambling and insurance?   According to BBC reporter, Tim Hardford: “Almost a decade ago, I tried to place a bet with a leading UK betting shop that I would die within a year. They should have taken the bet - I am still...

Surveys complete problem gambling picture

Coinslot Survey problem gambling
A new set of surveys has been published by the NHS, revealing the status of both gambling participiation and problem gambling in Wales and Scotland. Often used as the bellwether of problem gambling in England by the Gambling Commission and many others, the existing bank of NHS health survey data was joined last week by the Scottish Health Survey, published a...