Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Bacta picks up plaudits at its annual convention

Bacta picks up plaudits at its annual convention
Following last week’s AGM, politicians and Bacta members have both “acknowledged the thorough and effective work of the trade association”. In a dispatch issued by the trade body, we get a glimpse of how Bacta’s work has been reaching out to people. In its very own words, here’s the association’s review in its post AGM release.

Clifton: GamCom makes a loud and “perplexing” start to 2021

Gambling Commission David Clifton comment
Despite making plenty of noise and headlines as 2021 begins, the Gambling Commission is yet to prove it is equally proficient at listening to the industry - and cutting through the static to find the statistics relevant to an evidence-based approach to regulation. So argues industry expert David Clifton.

“No evidence” of gambling surge during lockdown, confirms regulator

No evidence gambling surge during lockdown data
Contrary to much of its alarmist rhetoric, the regulator has copped to the fact that its data-set proves that at-home gambling rates remained largely unchanged - despite ongoing lockdown measures. In a gambling review environment, evidence - and ‘no evidence’ - is everything.

Gambling review: Scrap the Commission, insists IDS

Iain Duncan Smith gambling review suggestions
Sir Iain Duncan Smith has called on ministers to make “bold moves” in its review of the Gambling Act - including getting rid of the gambling watchdog altogether. But the industry will do well to beware: for IDS, bold often means ban when it comes to gambling.