Friday, January 28, 2022

Tag: gambling reform

Harris and Foster push for “illiberal” checks and caps

Carolyn Harris affordability checks
The parliamentary campaign against gambling kicked of again last week as the leaders of the Gambling-related Harm All Party Parliamentary Group and the Peers for Gambling Reform quizzed the DCMS on state-imposed spending caps.

Bacta “tea-leaves” suggest no route to re-opening until May

John White Bacta re-opening timeline
Bacta has told members that noises out of Westminster suggest re-opening in time for Easter could be a long-shot for most amusement outfits. The spring-board for UK plc is more likely to be May.

Cross-party think tank calls for affordability checks, weekly spending caps, tax reform and new legislation measures

Social Market Foundation gambling reform think tank
Another week and yet another report into how gambling must be controlled. This time it’s the Social Market Foundation, a cross-party think tank that prides itself on being in the centre-ground of British politics

Betting gets behind gambling reform

Politics Home Michael Dugher,Betting and Gaming Council Gambling Reform
BGC’s CEO Michael Dugher went to the heart of political analysis - Politics Home - last week to convey his association’s response to the Lords report on Gambling Reform. Coinslot picks out the highlights.

Ireland’s raised age limit a “piecemeal effort” at gambling reform

Coinslot - Ireland age limit gambling reform
The beginning of long-awaited gambling reform in Ireland has finally come to fruition, however the Irish Amusements Trade Association believe “this piecemeal effort” does nothing to bring the country’s legislation to where it should be.   The minimum age limit for all forms of gambling in the Republic of Ireland is to be set at 18 years old under new legislation...