Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: gambling harms

Bingo predominantly ‘happy pastime’, says GamCom chief – but it can still cause harm

industry Bingo Association Gambling Commission Andrew Rhodes
Two thirds of bingo is still in-person - a testament to its inherently positive sociable appeal - the gambling regulator Andrew Rhodes told delegates of the Bingo Association’s AGM. But the increasingly prohibitive chief sees danger everywhere: more must be done to reduce its potential for harm he told the assembled delegates.

GambleAware commits £4m to launch first academic research hub

GambleAware commits to launch academic research hub
GambleAware will commit £4 million in funding to the UK’s first academic research hub specialising in gambling harms research.

IDS: “Affordability? For me…the jury’s out”

Iain Duncan Smith affordability checks
The Gambling Related Harm APPG assembled last week to hear evidence on affordability checks. But the conclusions to be drawn were not exactly how it wanted them to be.

Gauselmann UK’s 360 Advisory Board meets for the first time

Gauselmann UK 360 advisory programme logo
The make-up of Gauselmann UK’s 360 Advisory Board provides clear confirmation that the safer gambling message is being taken extremely seriously by the company.