Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Gambling Act 2005

Planning for the future? Trends in local authorities suggest a tough journey ahead for AGCs

Austen Science
Former solicitor Austen Science, whose practice specialised in the amusements and leisure sector for a period spanning four decades, explores the changing patterns of local authority behaviour when it comes to planning applications

Mandatory new GC “guidance” contravenes terms of Gambling Act, says law-firm

Gambling Commission criticism
The Gambling Commission has come under strong criticism from one of the world’s leading international law firms for seemingly instituting amendments to its code of standards regarding responsible gambling without providing operators with any advance warning.

Carolyn Harris renews calls for gambling reform

Carolyn Harris Gambling Act reform Gambling Commission
Labour MP Carolyn Harris has argued that an outdated Gambling Act of 2005 permits betting companies to get away with proverbial murder