Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Jason Frost and Gabi Stergides launch white label online casino

Voodoo slots screenshot Gabi Stergides Jason Frost launch white label online casino
Two of low stake gaming’s best-known names, Jason Frost and Gabi Stergides, have pooled their expertise together with Andy Jones to launch an opportunity for land-based operators to extend their businesses online.

Past Presidents look to the future

Bacta past presidents dinner
Based on the value of a room full of experience, Bacta national president, Greg Wood was in excellent company when he joined with 14 of his predecessors at a private dinner held at the Hippodrome Casino, Leicester Square.

Cashless Payments: The way forward

Electrocoin Intercard Cashless Payment solution
The Intercard solution, officially distributed in the UK by Electrocoin, offers operators the way forward when it comes to cashless payments.

Gabi Stergides: The key to cashless? Promotions on plastic

Gabi Stergides Cashless Payment trend Intercard
Electrocoin’s Gabi Stergides backs British FECs to quickly catch up to the global cashless trend, hailing 2020 as “the year of plastic”

Bacta meet with the Minister and explore industry road map

Bacta Delegation meet Gambling Minister Mims Davies
A senior Bacta delegation met last week with the Gambling Minister Mims Davies and her Civil Service advisers...

Gabi Stergides: All’s well that ends well!

Bacta, Gabi Stergides, fobt, campaign
Bacta National President, Gabi Stergides reflects on a year in which the association pulled off a lobbying coup that many would not have bet on. Looking back on 2018 what were the high points and the low points? There’s no doubt that 2018 will go down as one of the most dramatic and significant years for Bacta and the well being...

Stergides warns that “player tracking would kill our industry”

Gabi Stergides Bacta Convention 2018
Outgoing Bacta president Gabi Stergides thanked members for their efforts during the FOBT stake reduction campaign...

Stergides thanks industry for a presidential term of successes

Gabi Stergides Bacta AGM 2018
After a busy two years in Bacta’s highest office, Gabi Stergides delivered his parting speech to the association’s AGM hall..

Stergides letter “received attention” from Downing Street prior to FOBT date change

Politics, fobt
A letter from Bacta national president Gabi Stergides “received attention” from the Prime Minister in the week leading up to government’s decision to push forward the date of the £2 maximum stake implementation on FOBTs. On 2 November, Stergides sent a letter to the government outlining the need for an April 2019 implementation date, rather than the proposed October 2019...

Seaside regeneration: Lords see life from the operational side

Bacta seaside amusements Regeneration MP delegation
Brighton Pier’s Anne Ackord and a delegation of top Bacta officials gave Lib Dem and labour peers a tour of the city’s amusements industry during last week’s party conference. The message was very clear: more needs to be done to maximise the opportunities that Britain’s seaside communities can offer.   Lord McNally: “Do you feel you have the right voices in...

Gabi Stergides: Implement FOBT cut ASAP

FOBT, stakes, Industry, politics, finance
In a letter to the Prime Minister, Bacta president Gabi Stergides expresses the need for swift implementation of the decision to cut FOBT stakes to £2, while also offering the trade association’s assistance to Theresa May’s advisor. As President of bacta, the trade association representing the UK Amusement Industry, I am writing to welcome the Government’s decision in reducing the...

Phil Silver honoured by MPs for social responsibility

Bacta Community MPs Phil Silver
Conservative Party MPs Sir Peter Bottomley and Rt Hon Nick Herbert attended a presentation to honour former Bacta Compliance Officer, Phil Silver and to mark his contribution to the development of a social responsibility culture...

Gabi Stergides chooses his Playdium playlist

Bacta, Gabi Stergides, fobt, campaign
In recent weeks we’ve seen a diverse set of musical picks from the 60s, 70s and 80s including Peter Hannibal’s rock tinged selections, now Gabi Stergides, Bacta’s youngest ever National President, brings us full tilt into the 90s and noughties with big beats, rebellious anthems and globe-trotting robot DJs! Gabi Stergides grew up in the UK arcade and amusements sector...

Brighton Palace Pier CEO receives industry award

Anne Martin, Chief Executive Officer, The Brighton Pier Group plc, receives the Bacta Community Award from Bacta Chief Executive, John White (left) and Bacta President, Gabi Stergides
Anne Martin, Chief Executive Officer, The Brighton Pier Group plc, has been recognised for her services to the amusements industry.   Anne, who was appointed to the newly created role as Chief Executive of the company in June 2017, received the Bacta Community Award from the association’s President, Gabi Stergides at a presentation held on Brighton Palace Pier. Reflecting on the award...

Bacta raise the political stakes

Coinslot - bacta political
Bacta has embarked on one of the most intensive programmes of political engagement in its recent history initiating three high profile events in the course of a week.   On Tuesday 19th September, a bacta delegation comprising President, Gabi Stergides, former President Jason Frost and Chief Executive John White, attended a meeting at Downing Street with Alex Martin, Advisor on Economic...

Bacta announce launch of President’s Community Awards

Bacta President's Community Awards president's
Launching a new initiative for the industry’s ‘unsung heroes Bacta president Gabi Steridges has commended Tony Glanville of RLMS and Vanda Osinska of Bell-Fruit in the first President's Community Awards.   RLMS Managing Director, Tony Glanville and Bell-Fruit’s Group Sales and Customer Liaison Manager, Vanda Osinska, are the first recipients of the President's bacta Community Awards, an initiative introduced by National...

Bacta look to the future with initiative on participation

Coinslot - bacta
At its National Council meeting last week, Gabi Stergides pushed forward his policy objective to encourage younger Bacta members to get involved in shaping the industry’s future.   Newly installed Ntional President Gabi Stergides has started his campaign for Bacta to become a more inclusive and representative organisation, welcoming 20 of the industry’s younger activists to attend last week’s National Council...

Bacta look to the future with initiative on participation

Coinslot National Council 2531-p2-lead-bactamembers
At its National Council meeting last week, Gabi Stergides pushed forward his policy objective to encourage younger Bacta members to get involved in shaping the industry’s future.   Newly installed National President Gabi Stergides has started his campaign for Bacta to become a more inclusive and representative organisation, welcoming 20 of the industry’s younger activists to attend last week’s National Council...

Gabi Stergides sets out progressive bacta agenda

Coinslot - Gabi Stergides Bacta conservative knowledge
Bacta’s new president, Gabi Stergides, lays out his six point plan to shape the trade body’s future.   Gabi Stergides, who has succeeded Jason Frost as Bacta’s National President, has outlined a progressive and wide ranging, six point, policy programme which will underpin his tenure in the association’s hot seat. The six point plan of action, which does not preclude additional activities...

Frost states bacta well-equipped to make a difference

Coinslot - Jason Frost bacta
Jason Frost reflects on how Bacta members can make a political difference as his presidency comes to a close.   Jason Frost believes that Bacta and its membership is well equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead as well as take full advantage of the opportunities to engage with a leisure hungry population. Reflecting on his two year stint as Bacta...

Good family fun strikes a chord this week

Coinslot - Family run Stergides
With Brexit negotiations now on the table, Ken Scott argues that it’s time to remind the Government of the family run companies and small businesses that they must represent both around the table in Europe and around the cabinet room in London. There’s a running theme in Coinslot this week - and why not, Article 50 has been invoked and...

Bacta delegation witnesses Westminster terror attack

Coinslot - Bacta Westminster
Following an organised meeting with MPs, Bacta members found themselves at the heart of last week’s terrorist attack as they left the Palace of Westminster.   A senior bacta delegation comprising, national president Gabi Stergides, chief executive John White, Barry Knowles and Dave Orton, witnessed last week’s atrocity which left four people dead, including PC Keith Palmer who was murdered whilst...

New leadership team takes up duties at Bacta

Coinslot - bacta Gabi Stergides
Bacta’s leadership cycle enters a new term with Gabi Stergides stepping up to the role of National President. The change of guard serves to underline long held values of the association: that family run businesses are vital to the British economy, and young entrepreneurs are crucial to the development and sustainability of the industry. Stergides ticks both those boxes...

EAG 2017 report: Electrocoin – A forward-looking approach

Coinslot electrocoin gabi stergides EAG
It was the innovation on display at the Electrocoin stand at EAG which seemed to be drawing in the crowds. In particular, the company’s bold re-entry into the photo booth market appeared to be paying dividends. “These new photo booths with LEDs screens, which are a combination of a traditional photo booth with a huge marketing display panel, have been...

Bacta’s political campaign gets into gear

Coinslot Parliament
Bacta’s 2017 political engagement programme has hit the ground running. In the first month of what promises to be an important year for the UK industry, bacta has already met with Damian Collins, MP, who serves as Chairman of the DCMS Select Committee and accepted an invitation to meet with Jane Ellison, MP, Financial Secretary to The Treasury. Bacta Chief Executive,...

Addiction study could highlight areas of improvement

Coinslot addiction study
A report commissioned by GambleAware states that the cost of mental health and counselling services related to gambling addiction cost between £30m and £110m per year. The report, which was published by independent think-tank, IPPR, on 13 December, examines the cost of programmes such as counselling and addiction treatment for up to 620,000 problem gamblers, and the impact of FOBTs. Over...

Questions both raised and answered at 2016 Bacta Convention

Coinslot Bacta Convention
A very well attended gathering of Bacta members in London provided a chance for the coin-op industry to look both forward and back with an incisive eye. It does not take a master detective to work out why this year’s Bacta Convention was one of the best attended in recent memory, but whatever the reason, a thronging hall at the...

‘Social Responsibility is at the heart of what we do’ confirm Bacta

Bacta has set out an action plan of deliverables to underscore its mantra that ‘social responsibility is at the heart of what we do’ Trade association Bacta and its Social Responsibility Committee - chaired by Bacta president elect, Gabi Stergides - has established a programme of communications initiatives, exploring, amongst other things, how it can establish a universal responsible gaming...