Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Tag: Freight

UK firms face increased costs as supply issues continue to hit hard

supply chain continues to be hit hard
Supply and sales firms in the UK are being urged to prepare for “no let up” in the already strained global supply chain, as Omicron brings “even more challenges.” A perfect storm with imperfect timing.

Price increase in Asia ports likely to affect industry imports

container crisis prices likely to affect industry
There is no sign of an easing in the world container crisis; in fact, it’s exacerbating. The problems, currently taking a stranglehold of ports in Asia, have sent waves all the way across to the UK amusements and gaming sector. There are no ships riding those waves, just a message: price rises and machine shortages are coming.

Imported goods set for inflation as shipping prices soar

import freight costs soar supply chain
The head of a large UK logistics and maritime services group has warned that unsustainable shipping costs are set to filter down the supply chain throughout the end of 2021 - unless the government intervenes.

China express: UDC freight ‘on track’ for new season

UDC rail freight China
United Distributing Company managing director Mark Horwood told Coinslot that the company was now transporting containers from China to the UK via rail freight