Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Trading ‘good’ at Grand Pier as some restrictions remain in place

Michelle Michael Grand Pier
There is a frustration for Michelle Michael over staff recruitment. It’s not the shortage that causes issues as much as the time wasted by people accepting offers and then declining the job.

Luxury Leisure steps up plans for expansion

Tom Allison Luxury Leisure Leisure Talarius high street operator
If freedom day has brought one thing to the national high street operator, it’s the determination to kick on with its slate of new projects. Tom Allison is not for budging on the programme to move forward.

Dis-United Kingdom unveils the longest road to freedom

Boris Johnson Freedom Day
If there’s one thing that unites this Kingdom, it’s the fact that it’s anything but United. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all opted for freedom day, but not on the same day as one another. The relaxation of Covid restrictions will come into effect on July 19, July 26, August 7 and August 9 across the four countries of the UK, leaving an uneven and unequal roadmap to recovery. Welcome to the new normal.

Government determined to honour July 19 Covid relaxation promise

Sajid Javid freedom day July 19
The government has gone as far as it could to reassure the public that it will make good on its promise to remove Covid-restrictions on ‘freedom day’, albeit with caveats and some messy rules still to resolve.

Off The Record: Johnson gamble has to pay-off – for everyone!

UK Parliament Jessica Taylor - Boris Johnson freedom day gamble
Why it’s impossible to escape the football, Johnson’s big gamble, the inexorable decline of the high street and how Coinslot chimes with the Mayor’s Office. All topics covered in this week’s Off The Record.

“We’ll be there ready and waiting”: Majestic gears up for NBD

Mark Jepp Majestic Bingo NBD
As Majestic Bingo prepared to mark National Bingo Day on 27 June, Coinslot caught up with MD Mark Jepp to discuss what events the brand had in store, and what impact government delay will have on celebrations.

Freedom day delay: Debbie Bollard / Phil Setter / Justin Burke / Paul Kelly

Freedom Day delay Debbie Bollard Justin Burke Paul Kelly Phil Setter
Debbie Bollard: “At some point the Government must accept that it cannot save every life from Covid19 and that we must move on”

Freedom day delay: The casino operator

Simon Thomas Freedom Day delay
The capital’s premier casino has been busy preparing for ‘freedom day’ and it’s been an expensive process. ‘Disappointed’ is the most diplomatic Simon Thomas can be. He wants the ecosystem fully reopened so the industry can thrive and rebuild. As it stands, he says, British businesses are suffering.

Freedom day delay: The industry expert

Nick Harding Spray Lakes Consultancy
So why are we holding back yet again, asks Nick Harding.

Freedom day Delay: The national operator perspective

Sascha Blodau Merkur Slots Freedom Day Delay
The government has confirmed that it will delay the final lifting of lockdown restrictions for a further month. This will entail continued social distancing, capacity restrictions, Covid measures in venues, facemasks and home working. MERKUR UK’s Sascha Blodau answers some important questions.

Freedom day Delay: The pier perspective

Weston Grand Pier Freedom Day Delay
We’re in the final furlong but staff shortages are “the biggest problem”, says Michael

Freedom day Delay: The Business Group

Peter Hannibal Freedom Day delay Gambling Business Group
It’s time the government stops looking over its shoulder and starts getting the country going again. That’s the view of the Gambling Business Group which is finding difficulty fat homing the logic of the latest decision.

Bacta’s Tony Boulton: ‘Gaming does not have a future without being able to offer alternative payment methods’

Tony Boulton Merkur UK Bacta Division 4
Tony Boulton, Director of Public and Political Relations at MERKUR UK, puts his Divisional hat on to discuss the challenge presented by the world shortage of chips and implications for delivering product for the 2022 season, the golden opportunity facing resort economies, the central importance of safer gambling and why the Review of Gambling really is the most important that the industry has faced.

There’s no Delta dawn for industry as lockdown easing is delayed

Boris Johnson lockdown easing delayed
“Another kick in the balls” is how machine supplier Ian Eason described Boris Johnson’s decision to move ‘freedom day’ on to July 19.