Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Self-service terminals will replace FOBTs says software developer

Coinslot Mor Weizer 2016-lg self service playtech
If the UK government cuts maximum stakes on FOBTs customers will move to self-service betting terminals (SSBTs), according to Playtech, the machine’s software developer.   The company’s CEO Mor Weizer said bookmakers are not limited by the number of sports betting machines allowed in a shop, enabling them to push lost FOBT business onto SSBTs. “I believe that if FOBTs would be impacted, self-service...

FOBT review to go ahead, following CoE intervention

Coinslot chancellor Autumn Statement Philip Hammond REVIEW
Just when low stake gaming operators thought fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) may survive in their current state after the Treasury allegedly sought to scrap a government review on the machines, chancellor Philip Hammond has backed down following criticism from the Church of England.   FOBTs have long been a concern for the church and anti-FOBT campaigners, who want want the stakes...

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals are ‘sucking the life out of pubs’ argues gaming expert

Coinslot - Fixed odds bacta pubs pub
Triennial Review of stakes and prizes needed to stem loss of machine income in pubs.   The pub fruit machine (AWP) is in the commercial equivalent of intensive care and unless the UK government addresses this in its triennial review of stakes and prizes, the prognosis could be terminal. The bleak outlook has been provided by Colm Taylor, whose company, CLMS,...