Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Gambling GVA still down on 2019 according to DCMS figures

Gambling GVA down
Publication of the latest economic estimates for DCMS sectors has revealed an ongoing decline in monthly GVA across the UK gambling industry over the last three years.

Simon Barff: Pub machine revenue making steady recovery ahead of crucial Christmas period

CLMS managed pubs machine data
Software provider CLMS shares its data on pub machine performance over the last few months compared to 2019 figures, with managing director Simon Barff outlining a slow but steady recovery for the pub sector, albeit with some geographical variation due to players shifting away from city centre activity. Is there a new normal on the way?

Off The Record – Gambling Commission / Problem Gambling / EAG / Covid / Fishing / COP26

Off the Record Bully Gambling Commission problem gambling EAG infection rate
Coinslot’s outspoken Arcadian takes a look at the decline in Anglo/French relations, asks isn’t it time the Gambling Commission takes a long hard look at itself and laments the ‘do what I say’ not ‘do what I do’ attitude of the world leaders and mega names flying into Glasgow on their private jets.

Hiring crisis intensifies with labour shortage driving wages up across hospitality

Hiring crisis hospitality wages bar staff
It’s a perfect storm for hospitality as job insecurity combined with flaws in post- Brexit immigration laws threaten profitable recovery.

Bacta numbers show industry “now running on fumes,” says White

John White Bacta Industry running on fumes
Bacta has released the results of a recent survey which it argues lay out in painful detail just how high ongoing business costs continue to be for its membership, accompanied by a “drastic loss of revenue” which it says are “driving businesses to the brink

Problem gambling down, according to official GC figures

Problem gambling, Gambling commission, official, figures
Amid the cacophony of noise from the-oft frenzied problem gambling clamour, last week there was one tiny little sound wave on a frequency pitched at an uncomfortable level for most authorities and interest groups to lend an ear to. Listen carefully, tune in and you could hear the sound of problem gambling statistics falling 17 percent in 2018 - dropping...

Average poker stake shows 14 percent uplift, states Project research

Coinslot - Project double poker launch average
Poker’s status as one of the industry’s most popular machine themes, has been put into sharp focus following publication of the latest average stake figures researched by games creator Project.   Compiled using data from five models, the figures show a year-on –year, 14% increase in the average stake, up from 58p to 66p. Analysing the data, which covers a geographically representative...