Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Tag: Fatcat Softworks

It’s showtime for FatCat Softworks at EAG

  FatCat Softworks are presenting two new products at the upcoming EAG International and VAE.   The FatCat “Ace Of Games” Video AWP compendium not only looks fantastic, it also places itself in a unique position in the market by taking all the benefits of a multi-game video AWP and combining it with exclusive SWP content. Meanwhile, the company will also present...

RLMS and Fatcat rewind with Retro Arcade compendium

Coinslot - Retro Arcade RLMS Sales pusher
Riding a wave of video nostalgia, RLMS Sales present a retro three-game compendium with no siting restrictions.   RLMS Sales has joined forces with Fatcat Softworks in developing an ideal solution for operators who would like to add some ‘retro cool’ to their product offering and utilise off-site stocks of Paragon TT or TT09 cabinets. Retro Arcade offers three great, old school...