Monday, December 6, 2021

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Colleen Roper rallies industry to get behind World Fun Fair Month

World Fun Fair Month Future 4 Fairgrounds
As the first World Fun Fair Month draws near, Future 4 Fairgrounds co-founder Colleen Roper has taken to the local press to grow awareness about the importance of the event.

“No better life”: David Rowland Jr on fairgrounds, family and the future

David Rowland Jr Fairgrounds Family Future
David Rowland Jr has told Devon Live of his dedication to the life of a travelling showman, as the eighth-generation funfair operator looks ahead to a positive 2021.

Public backs fair’s return in online media survey

Fairs online survey Kirklees
An online survey on a widely read media website has stirred resentment amongst the public and the fairground comunity. The paper got more than it bargained for.

Showoman Danter publishes Nelson’s Funfair Holiday

Nelsons Funfair Holiday Danter
Showoman Claire Danter has released a new children’s book championing the appeal of the fairground industry, and teaching young people the value of helping others.

Fairgrounds fighting for their future

Fairgrounds fighting for their future
Travelling fairs are facing a potentially catastrophic financial crisis, brought about by a combination of Covid, the refusal of some local authorities to issue licenses and the fairground’s unwelcome status as ‘a forgotten industry’.

UK and European showmen still fighting side-by-side, 40 years on

Showmen The Worlds Fair issue
Forty years on from a historic meeting between members of the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain and the European Showmen’s Union (ESU), a letter of support has been sent from the European campaign group to their UK equivalents - pledging cross-Channel solidarity through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fairgrounds to get fairer as Showmen’s Guild accepts CMA recommendations

Coin slot guild
The Showmen's Guild has passed reforms to make the fairground industry more competitive.   The changes relate to rules which will reduce restrictions on how close a rival fair can set up near a guild fair. The guild will also make it easier for funfair workers to join the organisation and become more transparent. Landowners are now able to use different...