Monday, December 6, 2021

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Showmen’s Guild successfully pilots Covid-secure fair

Showmens Guild Beaconsfield pilot event
While its the 150th fair to take place since restrictions eased up on 12 April, the Showmen’s Guild’s 752nd annual event in Beaconsfield represented the first street fair since the end of lockdown and acted as a pilot event for more to follow, with 112 fairs planned for this summer.

Neither fun, nor fair: Preston’s historic fairground loses city centre battle

Preston Fair
After months of trying to work with the council on a solution to keep Preston’s Whitsuntide Fair in the city centre, the Showmen’s Guild has expressed its frustration that the out-of-town Moor Park will host the historic event. 200-year-old tradition will end on Spring Bank Holiday after the Showmen’s Guild lost its nine month- long battle to keep Preston’s Whitsuntide...