Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Brexit has paved the way for an increase in contactless spend to £100

contactless payment increase
The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, could accelerate both the value and the volume of contactless transactions, confirming that cash is on the way out and underlining further the importance to both the industry and machine players of securing the ability to provide alternative and modern payment methods.

UK enters Brexit future with new 50 pence coin variant

HM Treasury, new 50p
The cash-boxes of Britain’s coin-op machines will soon receive a new commemorative fifty-pence coin - in celebration of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. Although chancellor Phillip Hammond isn’t expected to unveil official plans for the coin until later this week, early details gleaned by the Independent indicate the coin will bear the words “Friendship With All Nations,” and...

Fears of no-deal Brexit grow as government releases contingency plan

Negotiating ministers have assured the public that a deal is likely to be reached by November at the latest - but the release of detailed “no-deal” Brexit advisory papers has shaken up some in Westminster. New Brexit secretary Dominic Raab has issued a raft of documents - which he says provides “practical and proportionate” guidance for British businesses to draw...

Keep calm and carry on

Chris Webster argues that the funny thing about all this dithering over Brexit is that in a thousand years time, none of it will matter a jot anyway. Now let’s not throw our toys out the pram. There’s a degree of schadenfreude in some coverage of the news that contingencies are in place for a no-deal Brexit scenario. We were...

Policy options for future migration from the European Economic Area

Houses of Parliament
In the summary of an interim report “published to inform Parliament and the public about the limited statements so far from the Government on future migration policy”, the Home Affairs Committee - chaired by Yvette Cooper MP - suggests the UK needs “a good overall deal” with the EU. With eight months to go until the United Kingdom leaves the...

Hospitality and publicans still await debate on post-Brexit migration

Inspired by a highly critical Home Affairs Committee report published last week, UKHospitality and the BBPA have both weighed in on the government’s lack of urgency surrounding migration policy - and what it might mean for businesses in a post-Brexit. Two years on from 2016’s Brexit referendum, and hospitality operators and publicans are still waiting to have their say on...

Step aside and let us decide

Our present political system is demoralising, laments Ken Scott. Time, then, for us to take back control. I wrote to the Prime Minister today. Not about the Triennial - that’ll be another time. But about the Brexit mess. I asked her to let the British people and British businesses make the final decision on what form of Brexit we should...

Euromat looks to add conference locations

Coinslot - Euromat Jason Frost
As Britain begins negotiations regarding its departure from the European Union, Euromat’s new president Jason Frost is looking to bring the continent’s trade body closer together.   While national politics is expected to progress slowly following Theresa May’s muted election victory, Euromat president Jason Frost has been planning to make some positive changes to the trade body’s meeting calendar. Indeed, as well...

BBPA manifesto calls for business rates assistance

Coinslot - manifesto BBPA business rates
The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has called for pubs to receive a £25,000 business rates assistance package in its latest manifesto, released ahead of the general election.   The manifesto proposes a business rates assistance payment of £5,000 per annum for five years, an extension of the current one year, £1,000 per-pub plan. Stating that the current tax levied on...

Arcade operators lukewarm to employment concerns in BHA report

Coinslot - BHA report employment concerns
As small businesses, arcades are used to operating within tight margins and remain unfazed by predictions from the BHA about a UK staffing shortfall if immigration from the European Union is too tightly controlled.   The British Hospitality Association (BHA) has warned the hospitality sector faces a shortfall of 60,000 workers a year if immigration from the European Union is too...