Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Eurocoin Systems serve up a compelling cocktail of innovation, service and support

Coinslot Eurocoin Payment Technology Irish Gaming Show
  Eurocoin Systems is applying the disciplines and skill set developed over the decades looking after the needs of the amusements industry to a range of other sectors including healthcare, transportation and tourism - to great effect. The company’s sales and marketing director, Colin Veitch, explains the background to Eurocoin Systems, his vision for its future development and what operators should...

Eurocoin: New year, continued positive performance

Coinslot Eurocoin Payment Technology Irish Gaming Show
Eurocoin Systems is approaching the year-end in a very positive frame of mind, with the new machine management solutions division set to post record results for the period passed.   A trusted supply partner to industry operators for decades, Eurocoin’s entry into the systems and support market has been widely well received. Notably, the friendly takeover of both Thomas Automatics and...

Eurocoin Systems: Joined-up solutions for UK gaming operators

“Our customers work hard enough already! Our goal is to make sure our systems make their lives a whole lot easier...” Eurocoin’s new division is on a mission. Eurocoin Systems is the new division of the Eurocoin Group, developing, installing and supporting the company’s main networked payment and management solutions for UK operators. As director Colin Veitch points out, the...

Eurocoin Systems at ACOS: Joined-up solutions for UK operators

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Nick Veitch, managing director of the Eurocoin Group, introduces the company’s new division Eurocoin Systems, which develops, installs and supports the main networked payment & management solutions for UK operators. Coinslot: What Eurocoin System developments are currently proving popular with operators? Nick Veitch: Successful payment systems are all about accuracy and flexibility. Our backbone product is the Playsafe Quantum machine management...