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Now’s the time to Build a Bonfire of EU red tape

EU red tape off the record
OTR asks what’s motivating the pugnacious Nicola Sturgeon, why weddings are limited to 30 guests but it’s possible to have 2,000 VIPs at a football match and lists the politicians that would be on ‘ignore’.

EUROMAT celebrates another success story as 25 percent tariffs are removed

Jason Frost EUROMAT
The business busting 25 percent import duties imposed as part of a tit for tat between the EU and the US seem set to disappear thanks in no small part to the effective representation and lobbying of EUROMAT.

Government urges tourism sector action ahead of Brexit

Brexit Tourism sector challenge UK EU
The secretary of state for business has penned a letter to the tourism and hospitality sector, urging firms to put measures in place in order to prepare for the UK’s upcoming exit from the EU

Trade dispute results in 25 per cent tariff on games imported from the US

Trade war dispute
A long-standing trade dispute between the European Union and the United States has caught the amusements industry in the cross-fire making games unsaleable. How do you fancy a 25 per cent rise in machine prices?

Government announces Brexit guidance for gambling sector

Government brexit guidance
While each company will have its own hoops to jump through and boxes to tick, the government has announced guidance relevant to businesses in the gambling sector as the end of the Brexit transition period approaches. The question is: are we ready?

“No-deal Brexit would cause serious problems for many UK businesses” argue UKHospitality

Brexit business
Following the government’s publication of no-deal Brexit technical notices, UKHospitality CEO Kate Nicholls has warned leaving the EU without a deal..

Porthcawl investment plan approved

Porthcawl, investment, wales, eu
Plans for a multi million pound Maritime Centre development project in Porthcawl has been given the green light by councillors. An earlier form of the plan put the overall cost at around £7m and as such contravened the spending cap for crucial European funding. The now-approved complex is set to require a smaller £5.5m investment which, according to backers, will...

Unlocking ticket redemption in the EU

ticket redemption, redemption, eu, bacta,
At this year’s IAPPA, European trade association Euromat organised a meeting on the future of ticket redemption in the EU, in which amusements stakeholders from across Europe discussed the risks and threats the industry faces from a lack of understanding on behalf of politicians. Reflecting on the debate, Bacta national president Gabi Stergides thanked his “European friends” for the meet-up,...

Policy options for future migration from the European Economic Area

Houses of Parliament
In the summary of an interim report “published to inform Parliament and the public about the limited statements so far from the Government on future migration policy”, the Home Affairs Committee - chaired by Yvette Cooper MP - suggests the UK needs “a good overall deal” with the EU. With eight months to go until the United Kingdom leaves the...

Tourism and hospitality sector offers “cautious welcome” to Brexit white paper

UKinbound chair Mark McVay and UK hospitality CEO Kate Nicholls are in the minority when it comes to the Prime Minister’s Brexit white paper, with the former mustering a “cautious welcome”, and the latter “pleased” with its continuation of the status-quo. While there has not been much political positivity shown towards Theresa May’s Brexit white paper - it choked its...

Step aside and let us decide

Our present political system is demoralising, laments Ken Scott. Time, then, for us to take back control. I wrote to the Prime Minister today. Not about the Triennial - that’ll be another time. But about the Brexit mess. I asked her to let the British people and British businesses make the final decision on what form of Brexit we should...

Data experts call for clarity on GDPR and AML

GBG data experts GDPR AML Peter Murray
A leading industry data expert has called for clarity from gambling regulators on balancing GDPR and AML   With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to impact upon the industry in May 2018, a leading identity data intelligence expert is warning of the regulatory conflict that may arise, and the unintended consequence that may hinder the industry’s attempts to...

May moves to bring peace of mind and stability for EU workers

theresa may florence transition
  Across the tourism attraction and pub sector, businesses welcomed the certainty provided by Theresa May’s open letter that EU employees can stay in the UK post-Brexit.   After waiting more than a year for official “unconditional confirmation” that EU workers will be allowed to stay in the UK post-Brexit, the tourism attraction and public sectors - both employing a significant percentage...

Hospitality split on two-year post-Brexit transition period

theresa may florence transition
While pub trade bodies were reassured, the British Hospitality Association said more time was needed than the “status quo” two-year post-Brexit transition period announced by the prime minister in Florence last week.   Hospitality chiefs gave mixed reviews of the two-year post-Brexit transition period announced by Theresa May in Florence’s Santa Maria Novella church on 22 September. The British Beer and Pub...

British Beer & Pub Association warns against cap on low-skilled workers

Coinslot BBPA low-skilled
The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has expressed concerns over a possible cap on low-skilled workers after a Home Office post-Brexit migration document leaked to the press.   In a statement published today, BBPA chief executive Brigid Simmonds wrote: “This document suggests that there may will be a cap on low-skilled workers which would undermine the needs of the pub...

Hospitality trade chiefs welcome EU worker stability

Coinslot - Hospitality
The hospitality sector’s three chiefs executives, Kate Nicholls of the ALMR, Brigid Simmonds of the BBPA, and Ufi Ibrahim of the BHA, have weighed in on the government’s recent announcement that EU nationals resident in the UK for more than five years would be offered residency.   Kate Nicholls, chief executive of the ALMR: “The Prime Minister’s statement is...

Euromat looks to add conference locations

Coinslot - Euromat Jason Frost
As Britain begins negotiations regarding its departure from the European Union, Euromat’s new president Jason Frost is looking to bring the continent’s trade body closer together.   While national politics is expected to progress slowly following Theresa May’s muted election victory, Euromat president Jason Frost has been planning to make some positive changes to the trade body’s meeting calendar. Indeed, as well...

BBPA manifesto calls for business rates assistance

Coinslot - manifesto BBPA business rates
The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has called for pubs to receive a £25,000 business rates assistance package in its latest manifesto, released ahead of the general election.   The manifesto proposes a business rates assistance payment of £5,000 per annum for five years, an extension of the current one year, £1,000 per-pub plan. Stating that the current tax levied on...

Industry exempt from new money-laundering legislation

Coinslot - bacta money-laundering coin op
The coin-op sector will avoid the impact of the EU’s anti-money laundering directive, after the Treasury ruled that most of the gambling industry is to be excepted thanks to its ‘low-risk’ status. Almost every gambling sector in the UK will be exempted from incoming money laundering legislation, the government has announced. This includes all AGCs, pubs and bingo halls, along...