Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Bacta beats the drum for cuts in both VAT and MGD as inflation pressures rise

Bacta MGD VAT inflation pressures rise
Bacta continues to lobby government for a reduction in MGD and VAT set against the backdrop of post-pandemic balance sheets that it argues are ‘shot to pieces’.

Pub numbers plummet to sub-40,000 hitting their lowest ever level

Pub closures
The total number of pubs dropped below 40,000 for the first time on record during the first half of 2022, a reduction of some 7,000 over the decade. The pub sector is feeling the pinch with the cost of living crisis pushing houses over an edge that two years of Covid has pushed them to.

Women in Business Feature – Mentorship and education key for helping more women advance to senior roles

Women in Business feature
Coinslot spoke with female executives and professionals working in the UK’s amusements, leisure and hospitality industry about what more can be done to support women in business.

Questions of over-caution in Wales and Northern Ireland

Mark Drakeford contemplating Wales Easter reopening
The Welsh hospitality sector has welcomed news that countrywide restrictions introduced last month by First Minister Mark Drakeford are to be lifted by the end of this month

Autumn Budget Industry Response

industry response Autumn Budget ©UK Parliament_Jessica Taylor
It wasn’t worth waiting up all night for Santa but Bacta did take some positives from the chancellor’s budget statement. Business rates reduction, beer duty freeze and the prospect of extra cash percolating around the system are all good for the sector. But still no MGD cut which is really what the industry needs.

Chancellor walking tall despite a budget falling short on industry demands

Rishi Sunak budget speech
Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered a confident Autumn Budget this week pumping more money into the economy in the hope that it will circulate its way around and back into the Treasury.

BBPA make Treasury demands ahead of Budget

BBPA treasury demands ahead of budget
The British Beer and Pub Association has held a “very productive” meeting with the Treasury ahead of the 27 October Budget, highlighting the £26bn contributed by the sector annually.

BBPA hails success of National Hospitality Day

National Hospitality Day BBPA
The British Beer and Pub Association has estimated that over 18 million pints were served during National Hospitality Day on 18 September, after issuing a rallying call for pubgoers to support their local.

Government releases the pingdemic pressure point but the cost has already been heavy

Test and trace hospitality pingdemic pressure
Whether it’s the government or the NHS, the stubborn mule that’s been resisting change to the self isolation pings has finally been forced to relax the criteria. Contact with Covid cases has been reduced from five days to two, drawing a universal sigh of relief from all around the hospitality sector.

Supply chain disruption affecting every corner of the industry

haulage supply chain problems
A perfect storm of Brexit teething problems and a quickly reawakening economy is causing bottlenecks in the supply chains of almost every sector that relies on logistics and physical product - from pints, to paper, to pub gaming machines. Coinslot looks at three announcements this week, all unrelated, but all very much connected to the a troubling question: are delays and price hikes an inevitability?

Dis-United Kingdom unveils the longest road to freedom

Boris Johnson Freedom Day
If there’s one thing that unites this Kingdom, it’s the fact that it’s anything but United. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all opted for freedom day, but not on the same day as one another. The relaxation of Covid restrictions will come into effect on July 19, July 26, August 7 and August 9 across the four countries of the UK, leaving an uneven and unequal roadmap to recovery. Welcome to the new normal.

There’s no Delta dawn for industry as lockdown easing is delayed

Boris Johnson lockdown easing delayed
“Another kick in the balls” is how machine supplier Ian Eason described Boris Johnson’s decision to move ‘freedom day’ on to July 19.

BBPA calls for an end to restriction as 5 percent of all UK pubs remain closed despite indoor reopening

BBPA calls end restriction 5 percent UK pubs remain closed
The British Beer and Pub Association says all restrictions must be removed on June 21st for pubs to reopen and enhance their survival chances.

UK pubs spend £285m on reopening preparations

Pub investment on reopening
Data collected by the BBPA has revealed that UK pub operators spent £285m in supporting leased and tenanted publicans prepared for outdoor reopening on 12 April

Relaxation of laws means an extra 9,000 pubs could reopen

Brighton pubs beer outside
Communities Minister Robert Jenrick gets into the spirit of reopening by cutting marquee red tape as Marston’s look to serve punters in 700 English gardens.

Lost forever: 2,000 pubs, 2.1 billion pint sales, and £8.2bn in trade

BBPA Pubs reopening
The BBPA has revealed the extent of the devastation to pubs and brewers one year on from the first Covid-19 lockdown, reiterating its view that government must ensure pubs can operate without restrictions on June 21.

Response to Budget 2021 – part 1

Budget 2021 response Jessica Taylor image
Response to Budget 2021 - Bacta were slightly torn by a budget that delivered hope for its seaside members but despair for the supply chain..

Closing time? ‘Cautious’ reopening will cost pubs £1.5 billion’

Emma McClarkin pubs BBPA Roadmap to Recovery
BBPA CEO Emma McClarkin says that only two in five pubs will be able to open in April. Almost as many are running the risk of calling time before they even open their doors - forever.

Majority of pubs still waiting on Christmas and November lockdown grants

Emma McClarkin BBPA pubs lockdown grants
The British Beer & Pub Association has revealed that three in four wet led pubs are still yet to receive their Christmas grant promised to them by the Prime Minister at the beginning of December 2020.

BBPA warns of “Mayday” crisis if pub closures extend to spring

Pubs shutdown BBPA crisis
The British Beer and Pub Association has warned of pubs being “lost for good” if Westminster imposed a shutdown until May without additional funding.

Treasury dedicates additional £4.6bn to support business through to spring

Rishi Sunak lockdown treasury
Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the new round of funding - targeted in the main to the hospitality sector - would help UK business “get through the months ahead,” just as Downing Street announced that lockdown would likely last for months, not weeks. But, as the presumed heir to the Tory crown will hear over the comings days, more will be needed by the hospitality sector

“No hard evidence” on pub curfews, admits Vallance

Patrick Vallance Pub hospitality
It’s universally accepted that the hospitality sector has been hit the hardest in the Covid fall-out, not least the publicans who are on the floor. In a week where over 1,000 more pubs will close in and around the capital, beers sales likely to be 90 percent down on last December and income from machines and jukes at an unprecedented low, Coinslot takes a trip around the pub trade to see if it was all worth it.

The moment Wales went mad: Pubs no longer permitted to sell booze

Mark Drakeford Wales lockdown Pubs
Pubs and restaurants are prohibited from selling alcohol under new Covid-19 legislation in Wales, as the country also forces its leisure venues to shutter altogether.

Three tiers and an industry locked down in all but name

Three Tier Industry lockdown Boris Johnson hospitality
The hospitality and leisure sector seems to have lost patience with what one social posting described as Boris’ bull. And in fairness, this week’s Covid-19 Winter Plan, unveiled by the Prime Minister, did not go down well with an industry that’s spent most of 2020 closed and faces the Christmas to Easter period under threat of closure as it dances around the government’s coronavirus tiers. For amusements and gaming businesses, they’re facing tough decisions and great hardship during another missed key selling season; industry figures offer their take on the PM’s plan.

Lock-mess: Scotland locked down in all but name

Nicola Sturgeon Scotland hospitality lockdown
Scotland’s hospitality sector needed more draconian Covid measures like a hole in the head. Instead, many businesses suggest Nicola Sturgeon has misfired with a killshot right through the heart of the wide based industry.

UK’s night-time sector faces “tidal wave of redundancies” as music becomes latest Covid casualty

Night time hospitality pub music
No drinking, no talking, and now no music. The government has turned pub music down to 85db in England, whilst Scotland has banned it completely in pubs. The latest measures to counter Covid have met with scathing criticism, with the music sector the next in line for crisis talks.

Marshal law: Government’s latest restrictions will have “an immediate cooling effect on public confidence

restrictions lockdown measures
For an industry already under pressure, the latest mini-lockdown measures unveiled by the government on Wednesday will undoubtedly be damaging, but nowhere near as worrying as the impact the announcement will have on public confidence, the industry trade bodies say

Music was my first love, but will it be my last? SBPA urges music ban reversal

Beer Jukebox SBPA
The Scottish Beer and Pub Association has called for the government to overturn its music ban in the country’s hospitality venues, attributing a 20 percent decline in trade to the policy.

Paper track and trace carries data protection risks, says tech company

paper Test and trace NHS
A data software company has said that publicans may be opening themselves up to legal action by using pen and paper to take customers details as per the NHS’ Test & Trace programme.

Cut VAT on beer, pleads pub sector

BBPA Beer VAT cut call
In addition to sounding the alarm that over a third of its members were struggling to break even, this week has also seen the BBPA call upon the Treasury to extend its VAT cut on food in pubs to include beer as well.