Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Clacton Pier lights up for World FunFair Month

Clacton Pier lights up for World FunFair Month
Clacton Pier has turned its illuminations red, white and blue in order to mark World Funfair Month and celebrate the “rich history” of the showmen and traveller communities.

Elliot Ball: “We have a number of vacancies…which we are struggling to fill”

Elliot Ball Clacton Pier
Clacton Pier is 150 years old and it’s offering is as good as it’s been. What it needs now more than ever is staff as the seaside resort faces its summer wave. That, though, is a major challenge.

Staff shortages in abundance across the amusements and gaming sector

Staff Shortages gaming sector
The message to the UK’s political elite is pretty stark: you’re underestimating the problem of staff shortages - at our peril. The lack of staff at operations around the amusements and gaming sector is very real. Coinslot speaks to a range of operators and discovers a unity - “recruitment has been hard and will get harder”.

“We are bouncing back”: Clacton Pier looks to a positive 2021

Clacton Pier
After Clacton Pier was hit by storms both literal and metaphorical in 2020, the Tendring landmark’s owners are looking ahead to a brighter, busier new year. Billy and Elliot Ball explain.

Clacton Pier launches new NHS pusher

Clacton Pier NHS pusher
Clacton Pier has unveiled a new charity initiative in its amusement arcade, with all profit from one of its popular pushers going to support the NHS.

New entertainment venue continues Clacton Pier’s revival

Coinslot - Clacton pier armed services
The Ball family has made another major investment in Clacton Pier as the project to make it one of Essex’s most popular seaside attractions goes from strength to strength.   Billy and Elliot Ball’s investment in Clacton Pier has continued apace with the reopening of the attraction’s first building as an allnew entertainment venue. The brothers’ Clacton Pier Company has revived the...