Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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Electrocoin ready to roll-out next shipment of Mr Do Air Balls

Mr Do Air Balls redemption in Electrocoin in Factory
There’s a new container en route to the UK, shipping Electrocoin’s latest redemption hit Mr Do Air Balls which is winning widespread approval in venues across the country.

An Open Day of positivity and excitement

Electrocoin The Stergides Family Park Avenue Open Day
With more than 100 products on display and over 300 ice creams consumed, the success of Park Avenue marks the return of busy summer’s for the coin-op sector. Joint organisers Electrocoin were very proud of the day’s offering.

Novomatic Gaming UK sponsor successful Park Avenue with the Thaumic cabinet making its mark

Novomatic Gaming UK Park Avenue Open Day 2022
As the main sponsor of this year’s Park Avenue Open Day, Novomatic Gaming UK supported the BACTA Charitable Trust as it exhibited Thaumic, its manufacturer’s latest cabinet for AGC and Bingo...

Park Avenue Open Day makes welcome return as sun shines on industry

Park Avenue Open Day BBQ
The much-loved Park Avenue Open Day made a glorious return on 8 June, with a jubilee atmosphere pervading as representatives from across the industry came together at Electrocoin and UDC’s north London depots.

Park Avenue: Good people, great products, and a Greek BBQ

Electrocoin Park Avenue
The annual pilgrimage to Park Avenue has been sorely missed by an industry in which tradition is a virtue. Thankfully, however, it’s renewal this year will see the Open Day back in full force, with co-host Electrocoin’s John Stergides snr confident that the Avenue will be bustling once again this week with good people, great products - and the smell of Greek BBQ in the air. Thirty-five years and counting, Park Avenue Open Day is back with more participants than in the noughties and a winning formula ahead of the summer bustle.

Thirty-somethings: Park Avenue set for biggest turn-out for over a decade

Park Avenue Open Day Electrocoin UDC
The countdown is on for one of the industry’s most endearing events - Park Avenue 2022 returns to the schedule on Wednesday 8 June - Greek BBQ, networking natter and, of course, 100 machines from 30 plus participants in the annual summer fixture which now spans across five decades.

ECAS 2022 gains momentum as Blueprint join UDC, Electrocoin and E-Service at Scarborough

ECAS 2022
Reports back from Scarborough this week tell the tale of the ‘little show that could’, with the East Coast Amusement Show punching above its weight to deliver a strong offer to operators in the North East - and gaining another exhibitor in recent days.

ECAS 2022 goes for the treble

ECAS 2022 UDC - Electrocoin Skill Shooter
The United Distributing Company has announced that the East Coast Amusement Show taking place this week will include yet another exhibitor in the shape of its next door neighbour, Electrocoin.

Park Avenue Open Day returns with decade high support from industry

Park Avenue Open Day returns
It’s been an annual institution since the 1980s and it’s back on the schedule for the first time since 2019 after a Covid-hit absence. Park Avenue Open Day will be open once again with Electrocoin and UDC, the last remaining companies in Park Avenue, and all the other participants getting ready for what could be the biggest turn out at the networking event for over a decade.

New Mr Do title delivers “very positive” Interfun Expo for Electrocoin

Mr Do Space Rocks Electrocoin Sales Interfun Expo John A Stergides Gary Newman
The debut of Mr Do Space Rocks delivered a “very positive” response for Electrocoin at this year’s Interfun Expo, with sales and marketing manager John A Stergides telling Coinslot “there’s been a really strong response.”

Electrocoin enjoy “very busy” Madrid expo

Electrocoin Madrid Expo
London-based manufacturer Electrocoin is enjoying one of its busiest Spanish expos of the last 20 years at FIJMA, according to managing director John Stergides.

Electrocoin impresses at EAG: “We did very well across the three days”

Electrocoin EAG 2022 stand
Electrocoin’s MD John Stergides reported that the company marked another successful edition of EAG, and one which also saw significant interest in its range of Stern Pinball machines.

John Stergides snr: “We’re returning to our traditions – back to delivering fun for all the family”

John Stergides snr Electrocoin EAG 2022
John Stergides snr has notched up over 50 EAG’s in their various guises - the last 45 as an exhibitor. He talks to Coinslot about the 2022 edition, its journey from the heyday in the seventies and through to the early noughties where it dominated the global market. And he sees a pattern emerging: the industry is going back to its roots.

EAG beats the odds to return with style

EAG Expo
Operators and exhibitors overcame the odds for a much-anticipated first day of EAG 2022, with tube strikes and the long shadow of Covid proving no match for a determined industry. The industry, it seems, is back.

Electrocoin promises “something for everyone” at EAG

Electrocoin EAG 2022 Mr Do! Air Balls Skill Shooter
Bringing redemption pieces, gaming machines, tablet systems, pushers, video games, pinball and even a photobooth to EAG, Electrocoin can surely deliver on its promise to have “something for everyone” at stand 155 this year. John A. Stergides tells Coinslot all.

Electrocoin to debut Win Spin at EAG

Electrocoin Win Spin launch at EAG 2022
Adding another thrilling new ticket redemption game to its offer, Electrocoin has announced the launch of Win Spin, which operators can experience for the first time at EAG on March 1.

Legacy machines given new life by Electrocoin

Legacy machines given new life by Electrocoin
Electrocoin’s well-respected after sales division is continuing to prove that there’s no sell-bydate on a classic, with head of sales John A Stergides noting “if it wasn’t a top game, there wouldn’t be a need for refurbishment.”

Electrocoin introduces Mr. Do! Air Balls

Electrocoin new release Mr Do! Air Balls
Electrocoin has unveiled a new addition to its portfolio of family entertainment products in the form of redemption game, Mr. Do! Air Balls, which will debut at this year’s EAG.

Electrocoin give Rush pinball its worldwide debut at Funland in London

Electrocoin Rush pinball worldwide debut Funland
Over 40 million records sold. Countless sold-out tours. A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But this is the first time Canadian rock band Rush have been celebrated in a pinball machine, which Electrocoin have taken on its worldwide public debut in Funland at the Brunswick Centre, London.

Park Avenue 2022 Preview attracts visitors “from near and far” and the doors are staying open for an extended period

Park Avenue 2022 Preview
UDC and Electrocoin’s innovative Park Avenue 2022 Preview event welcomed guests from up and down the country to London last week, showcasing a “varied and exciting” selection of new products.

Jason Frost and Gabi Stergides launch white label online casino

Voodoo slots screenshot Gabi Stergides Jason Frost launch white label online casino
Two of low stake gaming’s best-known names, Jason Frost and Gabi Stergides, have pooled their expertise together with Andy Jones to launch an opportunity for land-based operators to extend their businesses online.

Park Avenue to open its doors to visitors next week

Park Avenue 2022 Preview
UDC and Electrocoin are to join together to host the Park Avenue 2022 Preview next week, filling the space in the exhibition diary left vacant by the recently rescheduled EAG

Electrocoin focus on turning the “buzz” into business

John a Stergides Electrocoin 2021 Review
Getting back to meeting people has been a key highlight for John A. Stergides as Electrocoin finally got the chance to put its new portfolio out on display. “The recent exhibitions had an extra buzz to them,” he feels, and he wants to see that rebuild a stronger industry going forward. Obviously Omicron provides an obstacle, but Electrocoin remain excited with their new products for the family entertainment market as they look to ‘expand the world of play.

Electrocoin on target with “unique” new Castle Attack

Electrocoin new release Castle Attack
Electrocoin has announced a brand new addition to its portfolio of family entertainment products, unveiling a “unique” new title which provides an interactive twist on the classic basketball game.

Park Avenue Open Day returns for 2022

Park Avenue Open Day returns in 2022
Electrocoin and UDC have confirmed that plans are afoot to restage the annual Park Avenue Open Day in summer 2022, following a two year pandemic-induced hiatus.

UK firms face increased costs as supply issues continue to hit hard

supply chain continues to be hit hard
Supply and sales firms in the UK are being urged to prepare for “no let up” in the already strained global supply chain, as Omicron brings “even more challenges.” A perfect storm with imperfect timing.

Electrocoin uses all its skill to bring Skill Shooters to the UK

Electrocoin Skill Shooter redemption ACOS 21 Stergides
There’s a real buzz around Electrocoin at the moment as the company makes its mark in the redemption sector with its current market leader Skill Shooter. John Stergides sr talks to Coinslot about the company’s latest delivery of machines and why the industry veteran is on the pioneering trail once again.

“The mood, from suppliers to operators, was buoyant…”

Paul Monkman talks about ACOS
Paul Monkman, Gaming & Service Director, Luxury Leisure Talarius Ltd and RAL Ltd, spent two days surveying the ACOS horizons and he was impressed with the industry’s return to action. He talks to Coinslot about the show, the products and what lies ahead.

Electrocoin excels at “exciting” ACOS

John A Stergides Electrocoin ACOS 2021
Electrocoin delivered a bumper selection of products at ACOS this year, from innovative shooting games to classic-style pinballs, with head of sales and marketing John A. Stergides noting “everyone was very positive and excited.”

Electrocoin to debut Skill Shooter and Godzilla pinball among diverse ACOS showcase

Electrocoin Skill Shooter ACOS debut
Skill Shooter and Stern Pinball’s Godzilla will both have their UK debuts at Electrocoin’s Autumn Coin Op Show stand this week..