Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Facing up to Facebook: Bacta calls on police and social media platforms to crackdown on illegal machine sales online

Bacta calls on Facebook and eBay over illegal machine sales
An investigation by Bacta has recorded that Facebook Marketplace and Ebay contain hundreds of advertisements for illegal gambling machines, leading the trade body to call on the Police Chiefs Council, the heads of Facebook UK and eBay UK to do more to address the issue.

Bacta calls on the police and social media platforms to join campaign against unlicensed operators

Campaign against illegal machine sales auction social media
The mainstream industry is stepping up its campaign against illegal machine sales on social media and auction sites. One week after calling on the Gambling Commission to take control of the problem, Bacta has now turned to the police and online platforms to help drive illegal operators out of the marketplace.

Gambling Commission called to task over failure to tackle illegal machine sales online

Ebay Facebook illegal machine sales
It’s been a bone of contention for years, but Gambling Commission indifference to illegal machine sales online has now been brought to the top of the industry agenda. Trade association Bacta has called for action to stop sales of unlicensed machines on eBay, Facebook and other sites.

Bacta calls on Commission involvement on “widespread” illegal machine sales

Bacta calls on Commission involvement over Illegal machine sales
Bacta’s regional compliance officer David Miller has told Coinslot the illegal online sale of machines is “significant and widespread” across the UK, as the association launches a campaign to demand involvement from an uncooperative Gambling Commission