Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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An industry misunderstood and missing out

Mike Clokie Managing Director E-Service (Europe)
The failure to access grants and rates support is putting the supply chain at risk. But it’s ignorance that’s causing the big problem suggests Mike Clokie at E-Service.

E-Service: Embracing the new normal with “value add” solutions

Mike Clokie E-Service industry reopening
Continuing to operate and innovate throughout the lockdown, E-Service has been preparing for the industry’s reopening with new products and a revised work schedule, with managing director Mike Clokie emphasising that the industry must embrace the ‘new normal’

Games Cup 2020 announced

Games Cup 2020 announced
The Ryder Cup of the coin op industry, the annual Games Cup Golf Day, will return on 26-27 April at the Marriott St Pierre Hotel and Country Club in Chepstow.

The one stop service shop

E-Service After Sales
Be it requiring spares, assistance in preparing for the new £20 note, or advance replacement stock, E-Service is the one stop shop for the operator looking to get site-ready for the busy christmas period

Standardisation the best way forward

Paul Scott E-Service contactless payment
An industry-standard contactless payment platform could not only lead the sector to new heights, but bring with it a range of additional benefits, comments Paul Scott, sales manager E-Service

King Crole takes The Games Cup 2019 for the operators

Games Cup Trophy
In a two-day event with enough excitement to rival The Masters at Augusta, operators and manufacturers of the industry went to war for The Games Cup trophy

Delivering the complete solution

E-Service Van
The UK’s premier service and support company E-Service is now providing Thomas change machines fitted with a contactless transaction optio...

Placing technology and service centre stage explains the E-Service success story

Mike Clokie e-service coinslot
The breadth of the offering and the sharp focus placed on technology are key to Mike Clokie. “E-Service is the only UK company that provides the market with a complete after sales service, comprising spares as well as both bench and field based repairs, which is why we have so many customers who trust all of their...

E-Service to demonstrate Thomas change machine at Park Avenue

Contactless payments
The Park Avenue Open Day will see support company E-Service demonstrating the new addition to the Thomas change machine range. Thomas change machines can now be fitted with the Nayax contactless payment terminal to allow change to be dispensed at the tap of any contactless card. This innovative solution can be fitted to the vast majority of the Thomas range...

E-Service issue letters to customers after acting on legal advice

E-Service has issued a letter to its customers following legal advice which has resulted in the closure of ‘The Service Centre Europe Ltd’, a company owned by Paul Smith, Nick Holmes and Steven Brown. The three former employees of E-Service, who admitted acting in breach of obligations they owed the company, have taken down their website and ceased any...

E-Service: Complete solutions for machine operators

Coinslot E-Service speakers
While UK coin and note upgrades not surprisingly stole all the headlines in 2017, sales of E-Service core products, spares and components grew quietly but significantly in the background - a trend that the company believes is set to continue throughout 2018. Business development manager Paul Smith was pleased with the end-of-year results, and excited about the prospects for 2018...

E-Service gives product overview in lead-up to EAG

E-Service will offer a range of products, technical repairs and field service support at this year’s EAG.   In 2018, E-Service’s bench and field engineers are expected to offer assistance to customers across the UK to complete their conversions to last year’s new currency, offering workshop tools such as the Mektek coin validator programmer to save clients both time and money....

There’s service and then there’s E-Service

Coinslot Mike Clokie service
E-Service provides the industry with much more than simply a comprehensive spares and support package delivered from two key locations within the UK. Managing director, Mike Clokie, explains how, courtesy of significant investment in staff, support techniques and system infrastructure, the company has become the first choice for after sales support for many AGC’s, FEC’s, casinos and single site...

E-Service set up ‘one stop shop’ for currency changes

Coinslot E-Service Mike Clokie
Spares and after-sales provider E-Service exhibited at EAG with the primary goal of engaging with operators who may need support through the upcoming currency changes. Managing director of E-Service Mike Clokie explained the ways in which his company can help during a time of great upheaval in the cash handling arena: “For operators who don’t want to do the upgrade...

E-Service prepares operators for new currency challenge

Coinslot E-Service Mike Clokie
Following the introduction of the £5 polymer note last September, E-Service has been preparing to help operators get ready for the new £1 coin and £10 polymer note. E-Service is ready to help operators with the upcoming currency changes as the new £1 coin comes into circulation in March and the new £10 polymer note is released later in the...

E-Service – Preparing the new, repairing the old

Coinslot E-Service Mike Clokie
Managing director Mike Clokie explains how E-Service will help operators adapt to the new £1 coin, as well as how the company provides spares for older machines in the market. E-Service has been preparing for the new £1 coin upgrade after assisting operators with a smooth transition to the new polymer note. As with the £5 upgrade, managing director Mike...

E-Service clients report ‘Mission Accomplished’ on new £5 upgrades

Coinslot E-Service Eurocoin
With the new £5 polymer bank note entering circulation just under a month ago, UK operators explain how E-Service supported them through the currency change. The new £5 polymer bank note entered circulation on 13 September, and operators across the country have been giving their feedback on adapting their machines to the new currency. Before the notes’ release date, preparation for the...

E-Service respond to the challenges presented by new £5 polymer note

Coinslot Mike Clokie E-service
As the new £5 polymer banknote entered the market last week, E-Service helped operators to upgrade bill validators and change machines in venues across the country.   Operators across the country have been preparing for the implementation of the new £5 polymer banknote that was released on 13 September. The new note’s increased security and durability will provide benefits in the long...