Saturday, January 22, 2022

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Birmingham gets monkey business

Kongs has its eye on an empire state. A former nightclub site in Birmingham is to be trans- formed into a retro arcade- themed gaming club and bar. Kongs, as it will be known, will be the third venue to bare such a name after the operator found success in Bristol and later Cardiff. The retro-arcade and bar offering is opening...

Disgraced Billy Mitchell makes statement after being stripped of arcade records

Billy Mitchell
Long-time arcade champion Billy Mitchell was stripped of his records last week in a shock ruling by Guinness World Records. The organisation decided Mitchell used unofficial means to achieve his legendary Donkey Kong high scores. Twin Galaxies, an American organisation that tracks video game world records, discovered he had used the wrong cabinet to attain the Donkey Kong high score -...

Al Stone: A sad loss to the coin-op industry

Coinslot Al Stone Donkey Kong Obituary
Media Watch touches on the recent passing of industry veteran, Al Stone, who was responsible for key developments in video games during the 1980s.   Last week bought with it the sad news that coin-op veteran Al Stone has passed away. Intergame reports that Stone was instrumental in bringing Japanese video games such as Donkey Kong into the US and subsequently...