Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Dominic Cummings

Off The Record: Boris / Midget Gems / Royal Navy / Tony Blair

Boris Johnson Dominic Cummings balloon Off The Record staff under the bus
The consequences of throwing staff under the bus, why Tony Blair should perhaps show a little more respect and why the rebranding of Midget Gems isn’t a tall story. All this and more in this week’s instalment of Off The Record.

Off The Record – MPs / Medics / Interest Rates

Off the record MPs Parliament second jobs Medics AGCs FECs
In the light of new evidence concerning moonlighting elected representatives Off The Record asks when does the second job actually become the first job, how much should Medics receive to encourage them to relocate to work in Blackpool and argues why the industry needs to get more MPs into our AGCs and FECs - pronto!

Downing Street to head review of Gambling Act

Gambling Act Review Autumn Downing st report
According to a report in The Guardian this weekend, not only is this government going ahead with its long-awaited review of the Gambling Act this autumn, but it’s a project being undertaken at the highest levels of state.