Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Documentary

Judges Bingo Tonypandy to return to TV screens

Full House bingo
Television production company Tuesday’s Child is calling for “colourful characters and bingo besties” to appear on a new series of bingo documentary Full House, filmed at Judges Bingo Hall next month

Tuning in: Sound Leisure featured on Made In Britain

Sound Leisure Jukebox ITV documentary Made in Britain
ITV4 took viewers on a special visit to Leeds earlier this month, featuring the precision manufacturing processes of Sound Leisure as part of documentary series Made in Britain.

Online launch completes a Majestic month for leading independent bingo brand

Majestic Bingo Covid-19 challenges
Majestic, one of the industry’s leading independent bingo brands, is responding to the challenges presented by Covid-19 with what Managing Director Mark Jepp is describing as ‘a mixture of vision, investment, creativity and hard work.

Cullen’s Amusements takes centre stage in BBC documentary

Cullens Amusements
The UK’s oldest touring funfair lit up television screens across the country this week as it formed the focus of The Last Showmen, part of BBC One’s Our Lives series.