Sunday, January 23, 2022


Virtual reality must find its social side to stay ahead of home entertainment

dnavr virtual reality
With almost every major UK city boasting a VR Arcade, the virtual reality industry has emerged as a gaming growth leader. However, if VR ever wants to establish itself alongside traditional AGCs, Alexander Tsyrupa, the man behind London’s DNA venue, argue the technology must keep the social aspect of gaming at its heart. With six months under his belt operating...

DNAVR prepare to alter reality in London

Coinslot - VR DNAVR
For those wishing to get away from the mundanity of regular old reality, the first ever full-scale virtual reality arcade will soon be opening in foggy old London town via DNAVR, according to UploadVR.   The opening follows on the back of a string of pop-up installations throughout the capital, without any seeing fit as to create a permanent installation. However, DNAVR...