Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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TouchTunes: Are we getting better at sharing?

Soundnet TouchTunes Angelina Jukebox
With a growing number of operators signing up to TouchTunes’ 18 percent revenue sharing option, Toby Hoyte of Soundnet TouchTunes believes the payment model has truly proven its worth over the last two years.

GamePro takes centre stage for Reflex, backed by brand new analogue

Reflex Gaming GamePro ACOS 2021
The full portfolio of GamePro products was out in force for Reflex Gaming at last week’s Autumn Coin Op Show, but chief product officer Mat Ingram also reemphasised the UK manufacturer’s commitment to analogue “where it is the right thing to do”, with brand new Cat C and B4 machines gracing the company’s popular ACOS stand

Soundnet/Touchtunes agrees ACOS order for 100 jukeboxes

Touchtunes Soundnet Angelina jukebox orders acos
The Angelina jukebox continued to make a mark for Soundnet/Touchtunes at ACOS this year, with an order for 100 of the high-spec models signed during the two-day event.

Reflex rally to “pole position” as market reopens and digital content releases resume

Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming
As normality begins to return for Britain’s retail gaming sector, Newark-based game developer and manufacturer Reflex Gaming has hit the ground running, topping the charts of a leading national data processor for its digital Cat C performance, with new content releases imminent. MD Quentin Stott explains all.

Coinslot Digital

Coinslot Digital not print
Coinslot, the world's only amusements and low stake gaming weekly is suspending publication of its print edition as the industry comes to terms with the shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic

Monte Carlo gives players more choice

Electrocoin monte carlo Digital cat c
Electrocoin’s Cat C digital content goes from strength to strength with a spate of new games under development that will see the Monte Carlo library expand to 21 games.

Digital is driving more than just the player experience

Matt Bicknell Digital gaming Regal Leisure and gaming
The growth of digital gaming is not just about enhancing the player experience, it’s also enabling operators to drive machine revenues thanks to a combination of data and downloads, as Matt Bicknell, Operations Director at Regal Gaming and Leisure explains.

Tories pledge new digital precedent for British gambling law

Boris Johnson gambling act
Alongside the oft-repeated pledges to “get Brexit done,” the Conservative Party’s 2019 manifesto has sworn to “review” Britain’s “analogue” Gambling Act of 2005.

Futureproof principles and tech-based solutions put Reflex Gaming ahead of the curve

Futureproof Matt Ingram Reflex Gaming
Every developmental decision made at Reflex Gaming is done with social responsibility in mind, explains chief product officer Matt Ingram, who believes..

Innov8 Gaming’s new digital Cat C portfolio proves a crowd pleaser

Innov8 Gaming David Bowman Digital Cat C
Officially introducing itself to the industry for the first time at this year’s event, Innov8 Gaming attracted plenty of customer interest with a stand of..

Innov8 Gaming seals £500,000 machine deal with Keeday Leisure

Innov8 Gaming Keeday Leisure Deal
On an exhibition stand packed to the brim with brand new products, Innov8 Gaming welcomed the full attention of attendees during the opening day of this..

UK Hospitality urges digital tax redirection

UKHospitality has called for digital tax revenues to be used in reducing soaring business rates in response to government consultation. The hospitality association stated the new Digital Services Tax should be invested in supporting Britain’s high street. “UKHospitality has repeatedly called for the introduction of a digital tax to level the play- ing field and better reflect the realities of business...

Sewing seeds: Bell-Fruit hails new digital direction

Bell-Fruit, digital, eag, cat c
With digital gaming high on the list of growth markets, Bell-Fruit Games has added high-quality content development to its manufacturing stable, opening new avenues for continued company development. With Novomatic’s EAG stand almost entirely devoted to the launch of the Prismatic cabinet, Bell-Fruit took the opportunity to showcase its development as a leading manufacturer under the group’s umbrella. As well as...

Blueprint: Staying ahead of the games

Blueprint, digital, amusement, machines
Blueprint Machines is clearly proud of its team, and over the past few weeks has invested time in introducing them to the industry. Last week, the focus was on ‘The Guys Behind The Games’ and the company’s plans to remain committed to its loyal customer base. This week we look at the the Technical Development and Support Team who ensure...

Independence and agility the perfect storm for success

Storm Gaming
The independent nature of Storm Gaming Technology has given the company the agility necessary to stay on the forefront of the ever changing digital games market. CEO Richard Sheldon explains why. Regarding the current state of the digital gaming market and its prevailing trends, Storm’s Richard Sheldon sees some textbook analysis forming. “In a nutshell, dominated by vertically integrated...

‘All style, all substance’: Electrocoin’s Kevin Weir on digital games

Monte Carlo Elektra
Whilst new digital games may sometimes prove to be slow burners, the overall rewards greatly outweigh the slow starts for a market sector on the rise, comments Kevin Weir, business development director at Electrocoin. Coinslot: How has the market uptake of digital been? How far do you see this progress continuing? Kevin Weir: “We have seen an ongoing move towards digital,...

Digital growth shows little sign of slowing

Casino King
The pub sector is proving fertile ground for digital gaming comments Andrew Powell, director, G-Squared Games, as focused product innovations continue to broaden the sector’s customer horizons. In a marketplace as fast-paced as gaming, standing still can often be tantamount to regression. Due to this the drive to continually upgrade offering, appeal to new customers and keep innovation at the...

Bandai Namco target 50 percent original IP split

Speaking at E3 to GameIndustry Biz, Herve Hoerdt, Bandai Namco European digital and marketing vice president, commented that the company is aiming for 50 percent of its portfolio to be original IPs as it looks to increase its footprint throughout western markets. An overall move from Bandai Namco to place original IPs at the forefront of its portfolio could have...

BT Sport announces Google Digital Garage training event for pubs and clubs

BT logo
BT Sport has today announced the details of the free digital training for pubs and clubs that will be taking place across the UK in partnership with Google Digital Garage. The aim of the training, designed exclusively to help publicans enhance their digital skills and grow their business, focusing on how to make their business more visible online and their...

Digital and legacy, operating together in perfect harmony

With three AGCs in London and the Home Counties, Lucky Star operator Nigel Botelho explains how an equilibrium of legacy and digital is key to his operations, with the weight of balance depending on each site’s specific location. While digital machines have been the leading disruptive technology of Category B3 over the last decade, Lucky Star operator Nigel Botelho maintains...

Gateway26 partners with Semnox to go digital

In the first implementation of its kind, Semnox Solutions has partnered with Gateway 26 Casino Arcade the largest merchandise arcade in the state of New Jersey, to go digital by transitioning to its Parafait system for cashless operations. Overlooking the beautiful sunny beaches and the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean, Gateway 26 is a high-class Family Entertainment Centre with over 400...

New DCMS leader appointed weeks before final FOBT decision

Coinslot Matt Hancock DCMS
Following a cabinet reshuffle on 8 January, Matt Hancock will be the Secretary of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport - the man that decides the fate of the UK’s high-street gaming landscape.   Matt Hancock, the MP for West Suffolk, has been promoted to Secretary of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) following Monday’s government cabinet reshuffle, and will take the...

Blueprint’s King of Games takes UK digital crown

COinslot - Blueprint Gaming Digital
The King of Games digital Category C Compendium from Blueprint has been crowned market leader, with 75% of the UK pub sector market share.   The compendium now boasts a huge section of the UK market share with 10,000 King of Games now on site highlighting Blueprint Games as a key player in converting the UK retail sector to the benefits...

AMI Entertainment sold to US investment firm

Coinslot - AMI NSM US investment firm
After acquiring NSM Music Group earlier this year, AMI Entertainment Network has in turn been bought off itself by the investment firm Gores Group in a bid to further expand into the digital jukebox market.   AMI Entertainment Network, the parent company of NSM Music Group, has been acquired by a US investment firm. On 27 July, the Gores Group (headquarters pictured),...

Digital revolution? Not yet, says Stanhope

coinslot-tim-stanhope-leedsleisure digital
The ongoing question of whether the digital revolution is finally beginning to win the day against the supposed reel based dinosaurs is examined by Tim Stanhope, managing director of Leeds Leisure. “Firstly, I don’t think the word revolution can any longer be attributed to digital gaming in single site environments, because the pace of change from a cashbox point of...