Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Tag: Digital Gaming

Astra Games: Diverse digital content is key to unlocking growth

Astra Games digital growth
The introduction of Astra Games’ Prismatic range for both pubs and AGCs has boosted cashbox revenue for operators in 2019, with sales and marketing..

Digital is the new way to play

Greg Wood YALP technology
As the industry welcomes the new cashless payments app, YALP, Game Payment Technology’s Greg Wood unpicks the data behind digital, the key trends of..

Prismatic is building the cash box and expanding the player base

Prismatic £100 top cabinet
The Prismatic digital gaming terminal, which was unveiled by Novomatic UK at January’s EAG, is earning a reputation for being the industry's stand-out..

Reflex Gaming: Covering all bases

Coinslot Mat Ingram Reflex BetVictorGaming
Portfolio breadth is crucial when it comes to the digital games marketplace comments Mat Ingram, chief product officer, Reflex Gaming, with content flexibility key to commercial success. Coinslot: How do you analyse variances in content performances across sectors? Mat Ingram: “Yes,the game requirements for different venue types are different.These differences can be as simple as the game theme or design,but also...

Gamestec showcases iPub2 developments at ICE

Coinslot Gamestec Barcade
Gamestec enjoys success at ICE presenting its enhanced platform in the millennial themed Barcade room. For national operator Gamestec, this year’s ICE was all about showcasing best of breed content for its tier-one digital gaming platform iPub2. The key message focussed on reinforcing iPub 2 as an enhanced platform with the capability to deliver best in class results through utilising solid...